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      I felt that I did keep it cool and didn’t raise my voice until I realized that

      he was not going to help me any more than he (or his employees) have in the

      past. Why didn’t he give me a positive answer and a comforting one to help me

      understand that he will make sure that this time they will make sure it is

      fixed. Why didn’t he give me a name and a phone # to a manager who is in charge

      of this department and make me feel like he gave a hoot about this problem and

      that there is help for me. Instead he told me that he didn’t know the phone # or

      the name of the manager, and when I asked if the department that takes care of

      repairs in his store knew of the name & # he told me to call the 800 #. But no

      he didn’t, he just kept staring at me. Yes he knew and so did I the answer to

      the questions. Did he not have more common sense to give me some positive input

      to the problem. What is interesting is that the line was soooo long and when I

      loudly, again not yelling or using

      wrong language, the line disappeared. All of a sudden all of us that have been

      waiting in long line were taken care of. Was that a coincidence. And as for

      getting incite from the customers is all I had left, and it worked the line was

      gone and we were taken care of. He surely wasn’t going to get involved. Are

      they stringing me along as one of the folks on this group said, till the

      warranty runs out.



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      Honestly, I have to say, from an employee stand

      point you were

      getting angry and trying to incite a response from the customers

      around you. As a manager, he did what he had to in order to keep the

      store from becoming out of hand. He wasn’t answering because the

      questions you posed were retorical. You knew the answer, and he did

      as well.

      I don’t blame you for getting upset in the least, but you have to

      remember to try and keep calm and cool when asking for help. Keep

      the old saying in mind, “You catch more flies with honey” or was it

      bee’s? Anyway, call next time, and keep it calm and cool. He offered

      to repair it again. I would have taken him up on that, and gotten a

      written garuntee that it be fixed 100% before returning it to you,

      or you’ll ask for a full refund on the laptop and the extra coverage.

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