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      My ex husband tried to resolve all his problems in this confrontational

      manner. Grilling other customers will usually get you (and him) booted

      out of any place. It never got him what he wanted, and, in fact, is one

      of the reasons he is my ex husband. (Yes, he used similar techniques on

      me at home.)

      The manager probably has very little control over how many staff

      members he can hire. It is probably mandated from above, and he’d

      probably be punished or fired if he cut into the profits by hiring more

      people. If you couldn’t get the repair manager’s name and number, how

      about the contact information for the local manager’s mananger?

      It is too late for this now, but I’ve found the “I’m sure your company

      wants to do the right thing, how can we work together to get there?”

      works pretty well for me.

      If you want to complain, find out if there is a local consumer advocate

      columnist, consumer affairs department, etc. They have far more clout

      than any individual.


      > When I asked him if I can ask the customers who were waiting in

      > line, if they enjoy standing in these long lines to have the

      problems resolved what would they say. He was not comfortable with

      this question, but did finally speak. He told me that they wouldn’t

      answer me. So politely I spoke to the customers and asked them if they

      enjoy returning with a problem over and over and have to stand in long

      lines. He then repeatedly asked me to leave the store. I asked him

      how will get the laptop fixed if I have to leave now. He repeated again

      and again that I need to leave and threatened to call the police.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List problem with a laptop again