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      Honestly, I have to say, from an employee stand point you were

      getting angry and trying to incite a response from the customers

      around you. As a manager, he did what he had to in order to keep the

      store from becoming out of hand. He wasn’t answering because the

      questions you posed were retorical. You knew the answer, and he did

      as well.

      I don’t blame you for getting upset in the least, but you have to

      remember to try and keep calm and cool when asking for help. Keep

      the old saying in mind, “You catch more flies with honey” or was it

      bee’s? Anyway, call next time, and keep it calm and cool. He offered

      to repair it again. I would have taken him up on that, and gotten a

      written garuntee that it be fixed 100% before returning it to you,

      or you’ll ask for a full refund on the laptop and the extra coverage.

      — In, M F wrote:


      > We took the laptop to Best Buy last night and asked for the

      manager. We explained the problem to him and he told me that they

      will fix it. I asked him how many times do wee need to return with

      the laptop. He didn’t answer. I then told him that when we

      purchased the warranty we didn’t expect to return with the laptop 4

      times in 3 moths. I also asked him if he feels that we enjoy

      returning over and over again and do we have nothing better to do

      but bother them and be bothered with the laptop. He didn’t answer

      to any of these questions. I also asked him for the manager at the

      repair department and a phone number. He told me he doesn’t know

      who the manager is and doesn’t have another phone for me but the 800

      #. I then replied that it takes me for ever to get through the

      store and speak to a person, can you imagine how many hours it will

      take me to get through the 800 #. He again didn’t say anything.

      When I asked him if I can ask the customers who were waiting in

      > line, if they enjoy standing in these long lines to have the

      problems resolved what would they say. He was not comfortable with

      this question, but did finally speak. He told me that they wouldn’t

      answer me. So politely I spoke to the customers and asked them if

      they enjoy returning with a problem over and over and have to stand

      in long lines. He then repeatedly asked me to leave the store. I

      asked him how will get the laptop fixed if I have to leave now. He

      repeated again and again that I need to leave and threatened to call

      the police. So of course I left. Got no where with my laptop

      problem or the manager. The one year warranty expires in about a

      month, but I wonder if the extended warranty has the same coverage.


      > Melissa









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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List problem with a laptop again