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      Another thing that is catching on is the website, where

      you can help others who need a loan, and you get a certain rate of

      return. as with any loan, there is a risk that the borrower will not

      repay, but the borrowers are rated, so you have a decient idea of the

      risk involved. I haven’t done this yet, just because I think I’ll

      achieve better returns by paying off my bills first, LOL. but I’ll

      be doing it once I’m beyand that hurdle. Has anyone else done this?

      Carole D.

      — In, “tupska46” wrote:


      > If you wish to invest money, you might think about putting your


      > on an FDIC-insured online bank. Emigrant bank

      ( is

      > giving 4.33% and FNBC. com is giving about 4.5%. Each bank is FDIC

      > insured, over 100 years old and the minimum deposit is $1 and there


      > no charges. Also, you can take out your money whenever you


      > without a waiting period like a CD. I have dealt with these online

      > bankds for several years and have incurred no problems. When my

      > husband and I receive our Economic Stimulus check, we will deposit


      > to our account.


      > — In, “Carole Scandrol”


      > >

      > > If you don’t HAVE to spend it to pay bills, my bank just told me

      > about a 5 day CD. I was complaining about the ridiculously low

      > interest rate the savings accounts were paying. (.03%) She said


      > have a CD that matures in 5 days and pays almost 5%. That’s not

      > spectacular, but a lot better than any other interest bearing


      > I’ve found that doesn’t tie up your money for a long time. You


      > deposit $500 minumum for 5 days, but then you can withdraw it any


      > without any penalty. It renews every 5 days, and the rate is based


      > the Fed rate.

      > >

      > > Carole

      > > Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind


      > matter

      > > and those who matter don’t mind !

      > >


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Printing recipes off of site