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      Does any one know of a website that you can go and find out what items cost at the stores you shop in?

      I’m not talking about sales or anything just the normal price?

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      Boy! That would be helpful! I’d be interested too!


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      Most stores now have their prices on their website. What particular stores are you looking for?

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      Well for stuff like food and what not, I cant find it.

      We shop at wamart and Publix. Now with Publix I can find their sale ads but I’m kinda looking for an everyday price list for the two, Just so that way when I go to make up my list I know about what I’m spending and who has what for cheaper.

      On the walmart site I can find what I’m looking for but not the price…. only that its in stock

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      on the walmart site i can find what i’m looking for but not the price…. only that its in stock

      unless it is a rollback item at wal-mart the price is not going to be the same at every location. the individual store does a lot of comparison shopping in the area to keep the price the same or a penny less then the other stores in that area.

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      This would be great but I dont see it happening for grocery stores

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