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      I makea lot of our snack foods. I sometimes bake cakes and such from scratch. Other times, there are great deals on brownie mixes, cake mixes (I got 15 of them when they were on sale for $0.80 a piece awhile back).

      I am still using chocolate chips (Toll House) that were on sale $1 a piece back at Christmas time. They freeze great! I got about 20 of them. DIfferent varieties (butterscotch, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.) My hubby loves chocolate chip cookies in his lunches for work and to eat around the house.

      I make quick breads. They are wonderful too. I still have a couple of cans of pumpkin to use up.

      I planted a larger vegetable garden this year. Next year, I am adding corn to the garden. I got some raspberry and blueberry plants, so we will have them starting this year. The tomatoes (several different varieties) are coming up well. Last time I bought them at the grocery store, I paid $4 for 2 (TWO) tomatoes!!!!! I bought my plants the next day.


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      From: Liss Subject: RE: : Price Book…in this economy, why bother?
      Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 1:40 PM

      >>What is everyone else doing at the grocery store to make your food dollars stretch? I would love to get a top 5 or top 10 list started!<<

      First, Great Thread! Thanks for starting this!

      Ok.. to answer your question, we too are finding it a bit more difficult to stay under $250 a month for everything (and yes, I AM working on a new Ebook for the site).

      My biggest thing.. still.. is to make ALL of my own Convenience Items. Something that I am doing differently than when I initially wrote my ebook is that I do use coupons. I get a few inserts through Freecycle each week (& also a local recycle center). I’ve gotten lots of items free, dog & cat food, Toiletries, Dressings, Sauces, etc.

      Using Coupons, I NEVER pay more than .50 per box for cereal and always keep at least 25 boxes on hand. I’ve found that is 1 item the kids are always more than happy to grab and munch on. You can make cereal bars (like rice cripsie bars), etc for really cheap snacks. You can make Nutrition bars (like I posted last week), so that you aren’t using gallons of milk, which is nearly $5 a gallon here now. (grrrrrrrrrrr)

      Chips- that is one thing that I do buy on occasion, but never for more than $2.50 for a giant bag. We’ve switched to a local brand of Tortilla chips that are $2. a bag and I’ve been making Chow Chow, Fruit salsa’s, etc to munch with it.

      I’ve gone back to Canning, Canning, Canning. LOL

      If I find a good deal on something, Like recently I found a deal at walmart for the HUGE bags of Nestle Choc Chips (Semi-sweet) for $3. a bag (normally $5.96 a bag!) and I had coupons from writing to the company, got them for $2. a bag and bought 6. (They’re in the freezer.)

      I think the most expensive part for me is that the kids often have all their buddies over and some of the kids are used to eating whatever they want, whenever they want. Feeding the neighborhood is not my bag. lol


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Price Book…in this economy, why bother?