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      I buy frozen vegetables in large quantities (we eat them all the time). I just take out a cup or two (as needed) for the day. I do cook from scratch. I also look in the pantry before heading to the grocery store. I plan our meals for the week around what is already on hand. We eat a lot of stews and soups. The slow cooker/crockpot is great for that. I like the and http://www.cookinglight.comsites for recipes.

      I plan out our lunches as well. At night, I make lunches for work. I also pack breakfast for myself. Last week, Lender’s Bagels were on sale 6 for $1, so I got several packs. I got a tub of cream cheese. I take onebagel and some cream cheese in a small, reusuable container to work each day. (We have a toaster.) I take hot chocolate or tea bags too. I boil a dozen eggs and toss a couple of them in there. Sometimes, I fill a tupperware like container with cold cereal, then I put some milk into a thermal cup (like you would put coffee in – it will stay cold) or a thermos. I eat breakfast at my desk. If you buy small cartons of milk at our building, they are a $1.00 each. Ridiculous!!!!!

      I make meals that are based on dry beans. You can make a huge pot of beans and then make all sorts of things with them. Just red beans & rice, with cornbread on the side; black bean chicken chili; white bean chili; jambalya; etc.


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      I’m making more and more things from scratch, and incorporating leftovers into actual meals. Like an extra pork chop becomes part of fried rice the next day. I have cut back on our meat and to be honest I’m buying more canned goods again as they don’t go bad as quickly if they aren’t eaten.

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      I had to throw away my price book, I could not keep up with the rising prices. (It was a spiral notebook and I ran out of space to write the new prices) Everytime I went to the store (twice a month, sometimes more) the prices had gone up. It would be useless in my opinion to even attempt a price book at this time with food cost constantly rising. I know I can only get half of what I use to be able to get for the same amount of money here in OK! I found a Sara Lee Bakery where I can get the whole wheat bread for a dollar a loaf, which I believe is because it is right next to their local bakery here in OK and I found at Aldi’s I can get a dozen eggs for .99. Thank God we still have one child on WIC or we would have to give up milk or at least cut way down. I gave up my 33 year diet dr. pepper habit after it came to food or dp. We also cut down on cheese since it is now almost $4 a pound for the store brand. We have not bought red meat since the last
      outbreak of bad meat but hubby was really starting to crave it again and I almost passed out in the store when I saw the cost of it! He can continue his cravings!!! It is getting really bad out there!
      We are a family of 5 and I can barely keep our food budget under $400 a month. One of our local news stations pointed out the manufactures are also changing their products. I think one of the examples of mayo went from 32oz to 30oz but the price is the same. They stopped putting as many chips in the bags, but the packaging is undectable so unless you are looking at the exact amount of product, most people would not recognize the change.
      Hubby is a HUGE meat eater, he has to have meat with a meal, and I try to accomodate him since he works so hard but it is getting harder and harder to do.

      What is everyone else doing at the grocery store to make your food dollars stretch? I would love to get a top 5 or top 10 list

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