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      >>I’m putting together a price book and trying to learn how to use it and was wondering if some one could answer a couple of questions or tell me how to use this thing.<< My price book lists the date, regular price, the sale price (actual amounts 1.89/15oz) and the final column breaks it down to the per oz/gram/lb price (.13/oz). Originally I wrote down prices for everyone, even if it was higher just so I would know that I had checked the price. What I found is that one store might have the lowest regular price, but another store would regularly have the best sale price. If you list the dates you recorded the prices, you can see the sale patterns for that item (I now know that our store sells b/s chicken breasts at rock bottom prices of $1.69/lb every 6 weeks). I can’t answer your question about the sales flyer. Sorry.
      Monica in IL

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