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      >>I’m putting together a price book and trying to learn how to use it and was wondering if some one could answer a couple of questions or tell me how to use this thing.<< Laurie, generally when you’re putting together a p.b you start with the a column of the regular prices for the item. for ex: walmart sugar .99 5lb bag
      Shop-Save Sugar .89 5lb bag

      Then you know which stores sell it and for how much. That way, when you find a coupon or see an ad in a sale flyer, you know whether it’s a deal or not.

      We’ve added a feature to the site, which helps keep you from having to keep a price book.

      First, you enter your zip code and choose the stores that you use, then you’ll see a star rating system. The higher the rating, the better the deal. (Which doesn’t tell you how much it normally is, but does tell whether the sale is a good deal or not).

      Next in the right hand column you can also choose coupons to print for many of the items to go in conjunction with the sales in your area.

      On top of that, when you’re done choosing your list, you can print it out, complete with the coupons you chose. Also, you can find other coupons on other new page:

      Hopefully, with the addition of these 2 resources our members will be able to save even more money.

      They take about 15 seconds to load on dial-up (sorry) but they’re worth the wait.



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