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      I made these last year for my GS troop. It is a little time consuming, but easy.


      Square shaped pretzels
      Hershey kisses
      M & M’s

      Preheat oven to 350. On a baking sheet place the square shaped pretzels then one kiss in the center of each one. Place them in the oven until they are SLIGHTLY melted.

      Take them out and put a single m & m in the center of the kiss. Set aside to cool. You make as many as you want.

      Note: I used the green and red m & m’s… it looked very festive.

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      I love this recipe. So easy for the little ones and what a great way for them to share in the holiday festive food making. Thanks

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      I’ve never made this one before. Looks really easy, might have to make a few this weekend.

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      ihave madethese before but Iused thre round pretzels

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      i have another one that is close to that but with rolos instead of kisses

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      Rolos sounds good too for this recipe. Chocolate yummy.

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      Thanks everyone, it is a nice one to get the little ones involved in. I have never tried the rolos… sounds good though 🙂

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      Yummy….I love diet food!! 🙂

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      both are very good!!!!! I don’t make them, cause I can’t stop eating them!!!!

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      My friend brings them every holiday get together. It’s a love hate relationship!

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