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      I had a 30+ year old filing cabinet that needed some serious updating. It was ugly, covered with bumper stickers and dirty. It is a letter size 2 drawer cabinet.

      There is a lip to pull it open on the top drawer. The lip on the bottom drawer came off somewhere along the line. I hated looking at it.

      Yes, it is functional but very unattractive. Since I am frugal, I wanted to decorate it but challenge myself and only use what I had in my house and not spend any money on it. So, I had a lot of old “Metropolitan Home” magazines from years ago.

      I also had 3/4 of a container of modge podge and some gold colored duct tape. I proceeded to clip out hundreds of furniture pieces large and small from the magazines. I scraped the bumper stickers off the cabinet with baby oil and a putty knife.

      I got most of it off and then I cleaned and dried the cabinet. I then glued or modge podged the cabinet with all the furniture pictures. I added some garden pics too.

      For the bottom drawer lip, I glued a piece of fabric on it so that it wouldn’t be so sharp when I opened the drawer. I put the gold duct tape on the back of it, because there was dirt that I couldn’t remove. Needless to say, it really came out nice.

      It doesn’t look like a filing cabinet anymore. It looks more like a piece of art. I am very proud of it!

      It was a fun project. I love furniture and have some interesting pieces of it. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an interior designer.

      The best part is that now it is not just functional but attractive in my office. I didn’t have to spend any money than I had already spent years before to make it look more attractive.approved1 smilie

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      I have a few old filing cabinets, must try to decorate them.

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