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      I know I’m not the only one out there with no health insurance. I never thought we’d find ourselves in this position either, I used to think.. how could responsible families go without health insurance? Then 2 years ago, my DH was laid off and we lost ours. Took 6 months and moving out of state to finally find work. When he did, the insurance that was offered would cost us $895 a month with a $5000 deductible per person! Now I know why responsible families go without….

      We got lucky and we able to get our two youngest onto the state health plan, thankfully. I just kept praying that we would stay healthy till we could find insurance for ourselves. That prayer was only anwered alittle while. This past August I began having seizures.

      Thus came the medical bills and the precriptions. We are all aware of Walmart and their $4 program and that has been a saving grace with some meds. There are some though that you just can’t get through that program. One such medication is Topamax, a month’s supply was costing me $495!!!

      I did some looking around online and found a pharmacy in Canada that offers a generic version(not available in US yet) which will cost me $98.99(including shipping) for a 2 month supply! It’s completely legal to order through Canada too, as long as you have a prescription. You place your order and either mail them your script or you can fax it to them. I’m not sure if I can mention the name of the site here or not. Canada Drugs Pharmacy: Canada Generic offers quality brand name generic drugs online., if it gets taken out and you’d like the info, just PM and I’ll give it to you.

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      You might also try contacting the actual company that manufactures the medicine for help. A lot of them will offer coupons or discounts on the prescriptions.

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      Yes that is a great tip too!! I was told that by one of my daughter’s friends mom. DH makes too much money for their program though. :doh:

      But according to her, almost all med companies have some sort of program. Her Dr. keeps all the forms right in his office and whenever he gives a patient a new med and they don’t have insurance, he fills out his part has them fill out theirs and sends it right in. You can bet I got his name and have called to see if he is accepting anymore new patients w/o insurance!!!

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      Good luck, I sure hope he is! You have to have the medicine to survive. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

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