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      I had to answer this one…I’m in Alaska and Sam’s Club has prepaid
      AT&T phone cards that come out to 3.47 cents/minute if I remember
      correctly. My DH and I use them when we go on vacation or are out of
      town, it makes it easy to budget your phone bill. =)

      As a side note, one of my pet peeves, living up here, is so many
      companies say they won’t “work” or “deliver” outside the CONTINENTAL
      US, when they really mean CONTIGUOUS US. If anyone were to look at a
      map, Alaska IS in the same continent as the rest of the “lower 48,” as
      we call it, and for example, the post office delivers here for the
      same rates as the rest of the US.

      Ok, enough venting. Hope that didn’t bother anyone, it’s just very
      frustrating to hear companies’ excuses to charge us more just for
      living up here.

      Where is your DH in Alaska, if I might ask?

      Hope this helps!

      Glyn in AK

      — In, Betsy wrote:
      > My DH and I have been happily using to
      > call long distance within the US and to England (where
      > my brother lives). It’s also great when my DH goes on
      > business trips to call home.
      > We ran into a problem this week–he’s in Alaska, and
      > we found out you can only initiate a call
      > from within the continental US 🙁 I can call HIM (for
      > 15 cents a minute–ack!) with the Onesuite card, but
      > he’s working so much, I don’t know when I can reach
      > him. He needs a card that will work to call home.
      > Anyone have a good website to compare prepaid calling
      > cards?
      > Thanks!!
      > Betsy
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