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      Leftovers are rarely anyone’s “First Choice” while digging through the fridge, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have “Premeditated leftovers”. You know what I mean… when you make a main dish and already have a dish (or 2 or 3) planned for the next few days from the leftovers of the first dish.

      For example: Baked Ham on the first day, Homemade Mac & Cheese with Ham & Broccoli on the 2nd day, Split Pea Soup with Leftover Ham on the 3rd day, etc

      the challenge question is : tell us all about your favorite premeditated leftovers- what is your favorite main dish (or even a side dish) where you preplan (premeditate!) the next meal?

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      I like to roast either a turkey or whole chicken planning to eat the white meat on the first day with sides, make potpies a day or two later and the third meal is homemade chicken or turkey n veggie noodle soup with homemade garlic bread. I usually get three or four deep dish potpies , so that means at least two more potpie meals if we don’t have company for dinner. We eat off the left over soup for lunch a couple of days.

      Sometimes if there is enough turkey, we will make sandwiches for lunch. My family never complains because I try to break our poultry meals up by slipping in pork or beef every other day. One roasted bird makes quit a few meals so it’s not only delicious it saves us money.

      When I cooked the chicken I usually only get one made over meal since it’s smaller than a turkey.

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      I made homemade Turkey Noodles from the broth I saved from two turkeys that I cooked over the pasted two months. The next night I made a big pot of chilli. The next night I mixed equal amounts of the noodles to the chilli, and added a little bit of cheese at the end, homemade chili mac, or noodles that my boys pointed out that I didn’t use macaroni noodles.

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      I’ve saved the broth from two turkeys, and froze it. Thawed it before making four batches of homemade noodles. The next night I made chilli.

      The following night I mixed equal parts chilli and noodles, and added some cheese after it was heated through for homemade chilli mac, or noodles and my boys pointed out that I didn’t use macaroni noodles.

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      ring bologna and baked potato. We slice these up and pan-fry them with mushrooms, onions, scrambled eggs and a little bit of cheese at the very end. It’s my favorite left-over meal.

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      I cook a large pork tenderloin in the crock pot-half for one meals, then the other half I will shred, add bbq sauce and put it into a crock pot later in the week for pulled pork sandwiches. I make my own bbq sauce so I always have some on hand.

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      I scramble up a lot of hamburger then I take it out of the pan, put hasbrowns in and cook until crunchy. Add some of the hamburger and some peas and scramble up. Hopefully there is enough left for breakfast the next morning.

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      When I make pot roast I use a large enough rose so I van make hand held meat pies with the leftovers

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      One of my favorite leftovers is using the meat from dinner into breakfast burritos the next morning. Anything would do. Chicken, ham, turkey, taco meat, etc.

      Then the kiddos see it again inside a piece of bread for lunch. Easy and the kids love the burritos!

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      Mine is Italian Beef

      I make it for Sandwiches
      Then I eat it with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
      Then we make a tangy Tacos

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      Stir fry Saturday!!!!!

      I will plan my weekly menu loosely around an Asian theme. One night might be sesame grilled chicken, another night pork chops might be on the menu, marinated in a soy sauce based marinade. On Saturday I take any left overs for the week and stir fry!

      Be careful when stir frying left over cooked veggies – they only need a minute at the end!

      I usually will serve rice as a side throughout the week and use the leftovers to make fried rice. YUM!

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      I like to BBQ a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breasts on a Sunday then on Monday I make a chicken taco casserole and then on Wednesday I make a curry chicken casserole, and then on Friday I make grilled chicken pizza with alfredo sauce yum! If I’m lucky I might get one more meal like a chicken salad for sandwiches.

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      When I can get boneless country style pork ribs on SALE, I can plan 3 meals around 2 pounds of meat after it has been braised in stock and cilantro….first meal, pork burritos with avocado cream and cilantro lime rice. Second meal, pulled pork bbq sandwiches (leftover pork reheated with bbq sauce, layered on onion rolls and homemade slaw). third meal, bbq mac & cheese (leftover bbq pork layered on top of homemade mac and heese, then topped with cracker crumbs and baked).

      if there is any bbq pork left, i put it inside crescent rolls and bake. 3 or 4 meals from 2 lbs of boneless pork? Not bad if you ask me!

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      I enjoy potato cakes after making a large helping of mashed potato’s the night before.. you can use them for breakfast or dinner! Pat out a ball of mashed potato’s into a pancake and fry in a skillet..

      add some diced onion to it for a bit more flavor.

      I also love pork, beef, or foul left overs used in hot shot open faced sandwiches! Heat the meat, lay it out on top of some bread or biscuits, dollop some potato’s or rice in the middle and cover with gravy.. what a great meal!!

      Left over days are wonderful for us here and I often cook with left over days in mind!! It saves me valuable time for days to come not to mention MONEY!!

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      I plan Beef Stew knowing by the time the stew is eaten I can create a great Beef Rice soup. My family will gobble up Beef Stew, but by the time the chunky prt of hte stew is gone, I’m legt with a pot of broth and juices and a few bits of vegetables left. I add in more water, a cup of rice, and any other leftover vegetables in the fridge (usually corn, green beans, carrots, lima beans) or some frozen mixed vegetables.

      I even add in some frozen chopped spinach! Season to taste and let it simmer til the rice is done. I end up with some great soup.

      Barley could also be added instead of rice.

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      I cook a large pork tenderloin in the crockpot and shred it. It is usually enough for three meals – pork stuffed baked potatoes, pork tacos and BBQ pork sandwiches.

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      I fry up 5lbs. Of hamburger with two packs onion soup mix. Make sloppy joes one day.

      Crockpot chili another day. Tacos another. My family of four eats as cheap.

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      I make an Italian style meatloaf for the first meal then the next day I slice it up an put it on top of a piece of Italian bread with mozzarella cheese an horseradish sauce , bake it in the oven. Remaining meat the next day gets cubed and put over a nice garden salad with blu/cheese dressing~ yummy~.

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      I make Chicken Tortilla Soup served with plain Tortilla chips and then on leftover day, I line a 9 x 13 dish with crushed nacho cheese chips (I use Doritos), drain all of the excess juice from the soup mixture and spread that over the nacho cheese chips, sprinkle another light layer of nacho cheese chips on top and add shredded cheddar or Mexican style cheese on top of that. Place the dish in the oven at a moderate temp until it is completely warmed through and the cheese is melted. My hubby didn’t even realize he was having leftovers 😉

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      Beer-Can chicken with veggies (including peppers and tomatoes) for day 1; leftover chicken and peppers/tomatoes with cheddar cheese to make quesadillas for day 2; leftover chicken and cheddar to make buffalo chicken dip for day 3.

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      I always cook ground pork with garlic, onion, carrots, potatoes, bell pepper and tomato sauce. Yummy! What I do with the left over i drain the sauce is I mix eggs with it And fry it like a pie. 3rd day left over from my ground pork pie will be mixed with rice. Walah! Yummy fried rice!

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      now that’s timing, lol. i just did this yesterday. i stumbled onto a great buy on a tyson pork roast for just .88/lb and scooped up 3 of them.

      this is what i got out of just 1 of them yesterday. i prepared some ready to pull quick meals (everything portioned out in 1 quart bags then put in one gallon size ziploc bags) so the total price does not include the few ingredients i will add later (i.e. rice, buns).

      i felt i did pretty good considering i had only planned it for 3 MEALS.

      8.75 – pork roast 9.94lb
      0.50 – 1 can peas
      0.59 – 1 can unsweeten applesauce
      0.00 – 1 polybag cauliflower
      0.00 – 1 velveeta cheese sauce packet
      0.50 – sweet potatoes
      0.05 – brown sugar
      0.01 – CINNAMON
      0.20 – BUTTER
      0.25 – brown ‘n server rolls
      0.03 – GARLIC
      0.01 – PEPPER
      0.01 – PAPRIKA
      0.02 – MARJARAM
      0.02 – THYME
      0.03 – celery seed
      1.00 – flour tortillias 10ct
      0.68 – PEPPERS
      0.10 – yellow onion
      0.12 – green onion
      0.25 – CELERY
      0.49 – bbq sauce

      $13.61 total (bef. tax) for everything

      here is what i was able to make out of this 1 pork roast.
      they are set up for at least 6 servings per meal.

      1) pork roast dinner
      1) pork veggie wraps
      1) pork fried rice
      2) pork bbq
      1) pork for any meal
      3) broth for soups etc. 2 cups each

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      When it gets cold I dream of a roasted chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes. If there is any left over I dream of chicken potpies.

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      I to find a big beef roast. We have a nice roast dinner the first night. The second night it beef stew with biscuits. The last two you could make for another day and put in a freezer or just keep going. I shred the beef for BBQ beef sandwiches. Lastly and this take very little beef is similar to a beef stir fry with Ramen noodles (half the amount of water) and frozen vegetables, or what ever you have on and add a little soy and you are good to go. That is what is nice about this. You get 4 meals and most of the ingredients you already have at home. Time saver and money saver and all are delicious!

      A pork roast will make a nice dinner, then an open face sandwich, then a dish I make with Ramen noodles, lastly BBQ pork sandwiches

      Turkey is another cheap meal that goes along way. Of course start of with your turkey dinner, then there is what I call turkey carouse soup with rice, open face turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, BBQ turkey, Turkey lasagna veggie style with white sauce, turkey freezes well so you can space out you meals.

      Ham is another great meat for left overs. You have your traditions meal. Then I make ham and broccoli crepes roll ups, navy bean and ham soup, and the old reliable ham and cheese omelets for breakfast.

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      @Budget101 410948 wrote:

      The Challenge Question is : Tell us all about your favorite Premeditated Leftovers- what is your favorite main dish (or even a side dish) where you preplan (premeditate!) the next meal?

      Meatloaf on day 1. Sloppy Joe’s on day 2 just add sauted green bell pepper and ketsup. Chili on day 3. Add beans, cumin, a can of diced tomatoes, chili powder and diced jalapeno. Yum!

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      I love to make home made bean soup with cornbread & onions. With the left over bean soup I mix with fresh cornbread mix & have bean soup-cornbread patties for lunch the next day. Great with onions (if you love onions). They are great!

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      My family’s favourite left over is chilli. I will cook a big 8 quart pot full of vegetarian chilli on the first day served with steamed rice and freshly baked biscuits. Day two will be hotdogs or smokies (preferably BBQ) smothered with reheated chilli as topping and garnished with freshly shredded marble cheddar along with a spring mix salad.

      The third day is chilli pouting. This consists of a plate of French fries smothered in reheated chilli with freshly grated marble cheddar. Yum, yum…this is the perfect left over dish for my family as I have to feed 7 of us!

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      I think one of the best leftovers their can be in Roast. The next day leaves tons of opportunities, depending on the mood. Bar-b-que beef, fajitas, stew, sandwiches and the list could go on! Roast is probably one of my most favorite “expandable” meals I make. Premeditated or not, it is pretty dang tasty the next day! 😉

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      My favorite Premeditated Leftover is Potato Soup. Load it down with bacon, cheese and green onions the second day with a grilled cheese sandwich. If still have some left, soup and salad the next day. Yummy.

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      My go to premediated meal is roast a whole chicken. Meal #1 use the white meat for Chicken Fettucini, Meal #2 Use the drumstick meat to make hubby chicken sandwich for lunch, Meal #3 use remaining meat to prepare an enchilada casserole, soup or chicken pot pie.

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      I buy hamburger in 3 and 5 lb rolls. I brown and crumble the whole package in the crockpot; season it with taco mix and freeze it. One day, we’ll have tacos, another day will be “sloppy tacos” (we hate sloppy joes so we eat taco flavored hamburger on a bun!), and another day, maybe nachos.

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      Roast Beef on the first day and Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches on the next day – If any roast beef is left over Roast Beef Hash on the third day.

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      I usually make a huge pot when i make chili. I use leftovers for western omelets or western breakfast skillets made with eggs, fried potatoes, a breakfast meat topped with chili and shredded cheese for breakfast. For lunch or dinner I use the chili for chili dogs and chili and cheese fries or a chili and cornbread shepherds pie.

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      My favorite leftover is Spaghetti with meat always tastes better the 2nd time around!

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      baked chicken….leftovers (soup)…..chicken for sandwiches or tacos….

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      When I have leftover turkey or chicken, I make Pot pies the next day.

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      Spaghetti, home made sauce with hamburger, and chicken Santa Fe Wraps, which has Santa Fe medley vegggies in them. Take leftover
      veggies, put taco sesoning,then mix spah. met sauce and vegg.

      in and u have Santa Fe goulash.

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      Re: B101 Challenge: Premeditated Leftovers- What are Your Faves?
      chill one of my favorite leftovers usally very good the 2 nd day and you can even freeze and eat it weeks down the road !

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      I have a large capacity slow cooker and I like to make Beef Stew with lots of carrots and potatoes. I but budget cut beef roast and cut it into cubes,salt, pepper, dredge in flour and brown in cast iron skillet before adding to slow-cooker. I layer large cubed potatoes and carrots on bottom, seasoning with salt and pepper and place browned meat on top.

      I mix onion soup mix with water and pour over the top. I cook on low for 8 hours, usually overnight for us as we have our main meal at noon. Since there are only the two of us, we have lots of leftovers for us or to share with grandkids who come by at meal times.

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      I love to fix huge roast in the crock OT. What is left then makes Italian beef sandwiches by adding jar of banana peppers and pkg of Italian salad dressing or make gravy & add shredded roast then serve on toast or biscuits .

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      In this cold weather, I love to make soups. I stop at David’s Natural Market and get all my ingredients for a labor intensive lentil soup. I grate sweet and golden potatoes, saute onion and pepper(red and yellow), chops herbs, add varieties of lentils, and at the last half hour, add fresh organic Lacinato kale.

      I make a huge batch to last for another two meals and to share with family. I will then have a side salad one day with the soup, or crusty bread sandwiches, which are wonderful to dip into the soup,

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      I like to dice my potatoes for making mashed potatoes and peel an extra amount to keep in the refrigerator/freezer. I then use the left over, cooked and diced potatoes to make seasoned fried potatoes as a side in the future. I dislike peeling potatoes enough that cooking up more than I need makes a nifty side dish later.

      If I happen to have left-over mashed potatoes, my husband always wants them the next morning for breakfast with eggs and bacon. He rarely wants eggs for breakfast, but can’t pass up fried-mashed potatoes.

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      I have done that too. What a great way to use a pork roast.

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      I also watch for the country style ribs on sale and do the same thing. But, there is never a 3rd meal…it is usually gone by then. I like your idea about the crescent rolls however.

      I will have to try that soon.

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      Now that is simple and wonderful to contemplate… mmm… you are making me hungry.

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      After I fix a Turkey breast for Sunday dinner I will use leftovers for bbq Turkey Sandwiches with slaw and then whats left I will make turkey noodle soup…my kids love the turkey noodle soup.

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      My spaghetti bolognaise sauce goes through a few reincarnations – I always cook up heaps, it gets used as a pizza or baked potato topping, made into pasta bake, I add Mexican spices and beans for tacos and nachos,, or top with mashed potato for a quick shepherds pie.
      The last bit usually gets rolled up in puff pastry or simple bread dough for yummy lunchtime scrolls!

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      I like to make a little extra meat and save the broth, gravy or sauce so that I can use these as a base for starting a soup I can split into batches and put in the freezer for a quick add to a sandwich for weekend lunches.

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      Italian Meat Sauce which I make in a big pan, very thick, is first lasagna sauce, then the left overs can become another lasagna or with an added can of plain sauce & a few spices, be used water down the meat sauce enough to make it the base of practically instant spaghetti sauce, now enough for 2 of those meals.

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      @Budget101 410948 wrote:

      the challenge question is : tell us all about your favorite premeditated leftovers- what is your favorite main dish (or even a side dish) where you preplan (premeditate!) the next meal?

      klaus pork. make it the first night to have shredded pork tacos the next night. then to add bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches.

      if any left we add navy, black and pinto beans with vegetables for some shipwreck stew.

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      First meal is mashed potatoes, hamburger patties, veggies. I always make more than needed so there will be left-overs. Second meal, using left-overs, is to break up the hamburger patties and put them in the bottom of a 9×13 pan, top with corn, then spread the mashed potatoes over the top and there’s an instant shepherd’s pie.

      Even if the hamburgers already have cheese on them it is ok. Then just heat for about 30 minutes and enjoy.

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      Roast beef! Then Hot Beef sandwich’s.

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      One of my go-to planned leftovers for a busy week is to make Chili the first day. Then make a pot of melted cheese and and have tortilla chips to dip into chili and cheese the next day or so. If there is still some left over then I make a taco bake to use it up: tortilla chips on bottom, some chili, salsa and cheese and then start the layering over and end with some chips and cheese on top.

      Pop that in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 to heat the whole way through.

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      My absolute *favorite* pre-meditated left-over would have to be chicken. i always buy and cook way too much because so many meals can be made. some examples include – chicken sandwiches .

      . . gravy .

      . . chicken soup (which i freeze) .

      . . chicken tacos .

      . . chicken tortillas .

      . . chicken bbq .

      . . chicken salad .

      . . chicken pot pie .

      . . chicken bbq bacon pizza (my husbands favorite) etc.

      i guess i know what we are having for dinner tonight!!!!! ( :<

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      One of my favorite premeditated left over meals begins with a meal of Sunday dinner meatloaf, potatoes, and vegetables. I make to meatloafs, one for dinner one for spare because when a 6’6″ kid says he is hungry you have to have extra. We enjoy homemade drop biscuits and a special desert.

      On Tuesday (trash night) I gather together left overs. One of my favorite leftover meals is Poor Mans Shepherd Pie. Start by crumbling the left over meat loaf iin a skillet.

      add ketchup, mustard, and a 2 tbls of brown surgar. Heat it through while stirring to mix condiments and melt the sugar. Place into the bottom of a baking dish.

      (Sometimes I use leftover sloppy joes in place of the meatloaf. It doesn’t require any additions since it is already mixed).

      Next level, over the meat mixture I spread corn, (or cream of corn works well too). you can substitute any vegi you like here but ours is always corn, its what they all eat.

      Next take the leftover potatoes, mashed (Or instant works fine.) Drop generous scoops of potatoes around the pan on top of the corn. Spread it like icing.

      Garnish the dish with salt and pepper and shredded cheese across the potatoes. Place in a preheated oven at 375 and bake for 30 minutes or until heated throughout.

      Leftovers go to the dogs or garbage (remember its trash night) no extra’s left behind. Tomorrow begins our new week.

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      When I bake whole chickens, I bake four of them, two for our dinner that evening and with the leftovers I make chicken and dumplings and chicken pot pies.

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      Ham when I plan a nice ham dinner I already have 2 more meals all planned out the first one being scalloped potatoes and ham and the last one being Potato ham soup I use everything from the ham dinner and add some 5 bean soup beans and my veggies and my family loves it. This is probably my favorite go to meal as I can always plan at least 3 meals out of this if the ham is a bigger ham I will also make grilled ham and cheese so you see Ham is perfect

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      A whole ham will feed my household of four for a week. With potatoes, beans and other soup makings it can last longer.

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      My favorite is deep fried turkey. I use my oil-free deep fryer to cook my turkey to perfection. Then I use the left-overs for turkey noodle soup and creamy turkey tetrazzini.

      Not to mention turkey sandwiches.

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      Usually, when I premeditate leftovers, it is out of necessity. I’m either too broke, or don’t have the time to prepare a “real meal.” In either case, spaghetti has always been a lifesaver for me.
      I don’t know about you, but I NEVER need to cook an entire box of pasta (It’s like how they sell 8 hotdogs and 10 buns).

      The result is a pantry stacked tall with odds and ends of Vermicelli and Capelini.
      Now, I cook the whole box. I use whatever I need for my initial dinner and store the rest, covered air-tight, in the fridge. Something wonderful happens to day-old pasta.

      I can’t explain it, but it’s just one of those things that tastes better after it has set. Because the pasta has had time to dry out, it is perfect for FRYING!
      I always get strange looks when I talk about fried spaghetti. People will eat fried Twinkies, pickles and pretty much anything that comes on a stick–but heaven forbid we fry up some pasta.
      This simple recipe will save you time and money, and is guaranteed to be a hit!

      Start by chopping up your leftover pasta into bite-sized pieces. In a pan with medium-high heat, saute some garlic and butter. Once the garlic is brown and fragrant, add your chopped pasta and turn to coat.

      Finally, add some Italian cheeses, a quick pour of milk and salt and pepper. I like to press the pasta into the bottom of the pan and let the cheese on the bottom get nice and crispy while the cheese on top melts to gooey perfection.
      This leftover dish only takes about 15 minutes from prep to clean-up! I enjoy this dish almost weekly, and hope you all will too!

      Happy cooking!

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      Pork Shoulder a/k/a Pork Butt–I make it in the crock pot, serve as roast pork with gravy the first time. Next, it’s pork tacos, then BBQ pork sandwiches, next is pork chili, and then pork enchiladas. Not all in the same week, I usually freeze some.

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      I love to make pot roast with extra vegetables and make stew with the left overs

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      Lately we have made a deep fried potatoes frequently. I have been using the leftovers the next morning to make breakfast casseroles with bacon or sausage, eggs, and cheese. In teaching the three teens we have at home to cook, we have been having more leftovers.

      Their favorite is taking the leftover hamburgers and making chili or spaghetti, or I take them and use them the next morning for hamburger gravy and biscuits.

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      Sunday supper would be a Roasted chicken, after supper I tear the leftover meat of the bones and divide it up. I boil the bones and make a stock and put it in the fridge. With some meat of dark and white I shred it for chicken enchiladas and with some of the breast I put that away for chicken soup (using the stock I made and removing the hardened fat of the top or a healthier soup) .

      I love my leftover chicken!!!!!!

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      Any soup is great for leftovers. You can sometimes get a week’s worth of meals out of one if you plan it right. I especially like to take it for lunch the next day.

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      My kids always love when roast a whole chicken (or 2 anymore since i have 3 growing teenagers!) chunk up some potatoes drizzle with olive oil and and rosemary and baked mac and cheese the first night. Then 2nd night its on to shredded chicken enchiladas or my grandmother’s home made chicken and dressing, then on the 3rd it’s a stir fry because i always save enough to make my sons’ favorite!

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      This is some of our family favorites:

      Roasted/Baked chicken-(whole, quarters, or bone in chix breasts)
      Meal 1: Serve the chicken as the star of the meal with steamed broccoli and rice as sides. Save and store left overs. ((May have to prepare extra to have left overs)).

      Meal 2: De-bone the chicken. Set meat aside in fridge. Simmer bones, fat, and skin in a large pot of water with onions, garlic, carrots, celery, and/or parsnip/turnip.

      Season with s and p. Simmer for several hours. Strain stock, discard solids, and chill.

      Skim fat from stock. Add egg noodles for chicken noodle soup OR add mixed veggies to liquid for chicken veggie stew or add dumplings for chicken and dumplings. Add half of the left over meat.

      Meal 3: Using the remainder of the meat, l/o rice and broccoli, make a cheddar chicken, rice, and broccoli pie/casserole for dinner. Serve with desired sides.
      3 meals is the most I’ve been able to stretch a whole chicken…but some can do much better than I have.

      Beef/Deer roast
      Meal 1: Have the roast with veggies in gravy. Choose and prepare desired sides with meal. Save and store 1/4 of cooked roast.

      Meal 2: Shred/dice meat. Add to a prepared onion mushroom gravy. Cook together then add a cup or two of cooked rice.

      Serve the roast beef and rice as the feature dish with veggie sides and a bread item. ((My daughter and hubby LOVE this. lol))

      Meal 1: Have the hamburgers as planned. Store left overs in fridge. ((Make sure to have cooked extras))

      Meal 2: Add the left overs hamburgers to a prepared mushroom gravy. Add sliced onions. Cook until onions are done and meat is heated completely through.

      Serve in the gravy over rice. Prepare and serve desired side dishes.

      **IF any patties are left over, there is a possibility of a *Meal 3: Crumble remaining patties into left over gravy. Add left over cooked rice to mixture. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

      Voila’! Mushroom rice burger helper is served. ((We usually add a couple of slices of American cheese to hot mixture and let melt, then stir into dish.))

      Gotta leave soon, but when I return, I’m gonna think on this a little more…will post what I come up with… 🙂

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      Corned Beef

      1. Baked Corned Beef with a glaze of Marmalade, Carrots, Potatoes, and Cabbage
      2. Corned Beef Hash and Eggs in the morning

      Ruebans with german potatoe salad
      5. Corned beef on Rye

      Whole ham with bone
      Ham dinner (pinapples cherries ,brown sugar) Sweet potatoes (Roasted) and green beans with garlic and onion
      Ham biscuts or with eggs , omelet or how about a form of eggs benedict?
      Ham salad, ham sandwhich, or make your own hot pocket with canned dough
      Spagetti cabenera , potato augratin with ham , mac n cheese with ham, chicken cordon blue

      Hamburgers- I like to throw in some ground chircso in mine and take camping —- they are the perfect left over item
      Hamburgers on the grill
      Hamburgers with eggs or with a white gravy and bread
      then chop up the rest with some spagetti sauce (jarred for trips is fine ) and serve with pasta of your choice.
      (Oh dont use the camp stove to boil your pasta all the way down …. bring a big bowl with a meduim bowl put the pasta in the big bowl cover with a kettle of water… go play all day l..

      then take the meduim bowl and use it to strain off the liquid )
      Campfire garlic bread with the meat tomato blend covered in cheese roasted over the campfire till bubbling :p

    • #449067

      I keep an ice cream bucket in my freezer for any left overs that do NOT contain dairy. When the bucket is full, I put it all in a stock pot, pour a can or two of tomato juice or homemade stock over the top and let simmer for an hour or two. It never tastes the same twice and it’s great served with cornbread.

    • #449087

      My chief ‘premeditated leftovers’ for mains are meats and beans – I’ll cook two hams at a time, a large turkey at the holidays, or big batches of dried beans. I could make a loooong list of meals using these basic ingredients! 🙂 Oh, and we save the bones, of course.

      For ham bone: split pea soup, ham and beans

      For ham: fritatta/quiche/egg scramble, breakfast sandwiches, omelets, added to pierogi skillet, cowboy stew, part of ploughman-style supper, carbonara-type pasta dish…I’m sure there are others.

      For turkey: soups, casseroles, enchiladas, BBQ, stock from bones, curries

      One of our favorite ‘use it all up’ holiday leftover meals is a turkey-and-stuffing bake. I add a couple eggs and a bit of stock to stuffing and press it into a pan to make a crust. Par-bake. Chop turkey and your choice of veg/other additions – we often use potato, peas, carrots, maybe green beans, maybe corn – add leftover gravy + a little more liquid if needed.

      Fill crust and bake till it’s all bubbly. Add a topping if you like. It’s like a pot pie, but with stuffing as the base.

      In this summer I like grilling/cooking extra veg for cold veg dishes later – dress lightly with your favorite vinaigrette style dressing and eat!

      I read somewhere – I think it was someone working with food (chef/cook/restaurant owner) – “If you have soup, pizza, and/or quiche on your menu, you need never have leftovers.” Or maybe he said, “need never throw out food.” Either way, I find it’s true that those three categories of dishes can make lots of ‘leftovers’ disappear without feeling like leftovers.

      (Oh, and salads too!)

    • #449202

      My brother in law tells every body Teresa is a great cook but if you want to eat you better make a plate now because she freezes every thing and I do mostly whether its chili beans or pasta you would be surprised at how many different meals you can make and save money too for example I made lasagna of course I had let over noodles so I froze them so when I cook a roast this week and have left over roast and I will one of the recipes I will make is beef stroganoff just thaw the noodles in micro add beef broth roast seasoning sour cream and that’s another dinner made with left over roast and noodles just remember you can only freeze 1 time after cooking the first time so freeze your portions according to what ever recipe you will be making

    • #449229

      When cooking meats, vegs, etc., will always cook large amounts and freeze meals for later. I will then be able to pick the sides to go with the meal that I take out. Recently, I spent a lot of time chopping and preparing ingredients for organic split pea soup.

      I made a lot of it because it is so time consuming. My family can enjoy this soup a couple of times now, even on a busy day. I usually have a salad and rolls with the soup.

    • #449236

      I use left overs from whole chicken for chicken salad with grapes, nuts, and celery for lunch, and chicken chunks with bowtie pasta, artichoke hearts, halved cherry tomatoes, black olives, and Italian seasoned diced tomatoes for sauce, topped with grated parmesan/romano or shredded Italian 3 cheese blend for dinner.

    • #449240

      When we make veggie fried rice, I always make extra so we can have a nice filling for our breakfast burritos. Just add scrambled egg and some cheese and it is perfect!

    • #449314

      Oh! I forgot extra rice for rice pudding. 🙂

    • #449321

      Pot roast the first day with potatoes and carrots
      Then makes an excellent vegetable soup
      And beef stew

    • #449330

      I like to make a ham for dinner and then get all the ham off the bone and keep it in a bag. We use it for breakfast mcmuffins and ham sandwiches for lunch. For dinner I like to make home fries with the ham.

      I finish the meal with broccoli and a fried egg. Yum!

    • #449336

      Um, I received an email about this thread but it didn’t really explain why? Kinda confused. I never get email notifications so I was just wondering what is up.

      Please message me letting me know what it was about. Thanks!!

    • #449352

      I like to make chili, then eat it over elbow noodles, which we call chiloodle here, and then put it over baked potatoes or hotdogs the third day! I’m new to this, hope I did this right!

    • #449386

      When I make spaghetti sauce I make extra, freeze it and then make a casserole with elbow macaroni mixed with the sauce and cheddar cheese on top. This is really quick to make because you mix the sauce with cooked pasta and just cook it until it is hot. One of my grand childrens’ favorite meals.

      They call it Mimi’s casserole.

    • #449556

      When I make a half, or whole ham, I will use the bulk of it for the first main meal complete with sides. The next meal I make with the bigger left over slices of ham would be some form of soup. My favorite at the moment is potato and ham, but split pea is also a good one.

      The third meal would of course be made with the ham hock which for my family is always beans. We love pinto beans and cornbread. So, with one meat, I can make a week worth of meals that my kids just love, especially in the winter.

      They have claimed me the best cook in the world and I should open my own restaurant…if they only knew how easy, and cheap I get away with it!!

    • #449604

      A roast chicken, can make several Premeditated Leftovers. I roast the chicken, from that one chicken we have chicken salad, and add broth I can then separate it out and have chicken and dumplings, chicken and rice, chicken over mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles, and chicken over biscuits. It is a great way to save on your budget for the week.

    • #449667

      I like to slow cook a Pork Butt on Sunday to slice and serve, then make quinoa and turn it into burritos and store those away. Then I make a mexican soup for a future date, and finally pulled pork sandwiches.

    • #449688

      Smoked Boston butt, mashed potatoes, grean bean s[day 1]
      Pork/potatoe soup [day 2]
      Bbq pulled pork sandwiches [day 3]

    • #450585

      I started this premeditated left over to also save clean up.
      I start with a pot roast in the crock pot. Add Italian seasoning, garlic and 1 can diced tomatoes. salt, pepper and 1 package of onion soup mix.

      Add 2 cups water

      1 hour before done add potatoes and carrots.
      At this time cut up celery more carrots onions set aside or put in baggy

      Eat as usual. Don’t discard juice. Use 1 cup to make brown gravy but save remaining juice.

      After dinner cut up remaining beef. Place back in crockpot
      Add bag of cut up veggies. 1 can of green beans 1 small can of tomato sauce.
      Either put on warm or put in Refrigerator till morning.
      Turn on crock pot to cook all day.

      Add seasonings to taste. 1 hour before dinner add wide noodles and turn off.
      Spoon into bowls and add Parmesan cheese and starve with garlic bread.

    • #450796

      Congratulations to FosterFamily5 for her win on this Premeditated Leftover Challenge!

    • #459258

      Turkey casserole using the leftover veggies and stuffing as a topping. Yum!!

      For example: Baked Ham on the first day, Homemade Mac & Cheese with Ham & Broccoli on the 2nd day, Split Pea Soup with Leftover Ham on the 3rd day, etc

      the challenge question is : tell us all about your favorite premeditated leftovers- what is your favorite main dish (or even a side dish) where you preplan (premeditate!) the next meal?

      wondering how to play? hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (seriously, that’s it)

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge?

      Orka Steamer Cookware, the easiest way to cook perfect steamed veggies & side dishes with ease!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!


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