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      I hope everything goes well with his surgery. My son was born 8 weeks early and was 3 lb 15 oz. He’s been home for 4 weeks now after a 6 week stay in the NICU and is doing great. I mostly had short sleeved body suits and those t-shirts that wrap around the front and snap. He was swaddled all the time once he come out of the isolette so the short sleeves weren’t a problem and they didn’t seem so incredibly huge on him when half the sleeves weren’t hanging off his arms, plus it makes it a lot easier to deal with all the various attachments. I also took in receiving blankets, so much nicer than the ones they had in the hospital. Plus it made me feel more like his mom to being doing his laundry. 🙂 (Can’t believe I actually liked doing laundry! lol) Ok, here’s my random list of advice. Take advantage of all
      the services the hospital offers. Find a support group if that sort of thing works for you. Ask lots of questions, sometimes the staff there are so used to what goes on there that they don’t think of offering what’s available. I found the nurses to be an invaluable resource. If the schedule they have him on doesn’t work for maximizing your visiting time then ask them to adjust it. I had a half hourdrive to the hospital so the number of times I could visit in a daywas limited. It was really important to me to be able to hold him when I was there. Don’t feel bad you can’t be there all the time and especially don’t feel bad if you just can’t take it and have to leave after a short visit. It can be completely overwhelming at times and you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of him when he comes home. Don’t read too much into how nurses react
      tohow often you visit or how long you visitor ask when you’re coming in next or whatever. (I had some real guilt about that sometimes, silly waste of time really.) They just want to know so they can arrange things to maximize your time with him. It can sometimes be hard to do but be agressive about getting your questions answered and getting what you want,it’s worth doing. The staff there are probably really busy so they might need a little prodding to be as informative as you need. Write down your questions as they come to you. It’s easy to forget them when you have the opportunity to ask. Pay attention to how the nurses do what they do, ask them if you can do it instead, particularly routine stuff like changing diapers, swaddling, taking his tempand such. Don’t be afraid of all his attachments (monitors, tubes, etc.,) just learn to work with them,
      they’ll be gone soon. Take lots of pictures, they change so fast you’ll appreciate having them. Most important, hang in there. Carry kleenex. It sucks to deal with all that and there’ll be times when you hate the NICU and everyone that works there but it’ll pass. And hopefully she’ll have him home soon. Take care, Lori. wrote: My niece had her baby boy Saturday. He weighed 4 lbs. 12 ozs.. The preemie outfits are to small for him. I found one or two outfits that were up to five pounds. He had surgery today and is possibly facing surgery again in a few days if he doesn’t show some improvements. We know that he want be wearing the outfits much and when he does it may not be for long, but his mom would like a few that doesn’t swallow him up completely. Has anyone else had to deal with a preemie andhave a few tips I could pass along to my niece. God Bless! Thanks ahead for any suggestions! Debbie

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