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      My daughter (now 18 y.o.) was a 4 lb 4 oz preemie — making her debut 5 1/2 weeks early.She was medically fragile and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a good while after her birth.Initially upon discharge from the hospitalwe dressed her in doll clothing we found at Toys R Us. It was much cheaper than buying specialty preemie clothing anywhere else and worked out okay for us. I was always careful to look at the neck closure as some of the fasters on these outfits appeared more decorative than practical (although now I imagine Velcro is probably more typical than teeny, tiny buttons I remember). Other than that Jen initially worebaby t-shirts, a preemie Pampers diaper and was swadled in a flannel receiving blanket quite a bit. Back then we purchased preemie diapers with home delivery via UPS by calling the company — number was initially provided to me by ahelpful
      nurse. Best wishes for the new addition to your family. The medical issues seem alot scarier when thebaby is “fragile” butthe medical profession has advanced quite a bit in handling preemie issues since my daughter was bornand faithful prayer is oh so powerful as well 🙂 wrote: My niece had her baby boy Saturday. He weighed 4 lbs. 12 ozs.. The preemie outfits are to small for him. I found one or two outfits that
      were up to five pounds. He had surgery today and is possibly facing surgery again in a few days if he doesn’t show some improvements. We know that he want be wearing the outfits much and when he does it may not be for long, but his mom would like a few that doesn’t swallow him up completely. Has anyone else had to deal with a preemie andhave a few tips I could pass along to my niece. God Bless! Thanks ahead for any suggestions! Debbie

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