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      I would say that giving the gift of your time to help with older

      siblings or meal preparation or even straightening up the house before

      baby comes home would be the most awesome gift for a NICU family.

      Another idea would be a motion sensing sleep pad, an assortment of tiny

      clothes (those can be hard to find when you need them), or a crib

      mobile (or toys) that is the black/white/red colors to help train

      babies eyes to focus would be very fitting. (Alot of premies need to

      develope this more then full term babies)

      Another idea is to offer to help with thank you cards, there are alot

      of places that donate to NICU babies and it adds to those pesky cards

      to fill out and keep track of. Maybe printing up thank you cards with

      babies name and birthdate on them might help the parents out… If they

      are close friends, you should be able to find their real need if you

      ask them what they are feeling overwhelmed by (besides worrying about


      I hope all goes well for the little guy and his family.


      — In, “Veronica Craig”



      > Hello~


      > I have a friend who had her baby about 8 weeks early. He is only 4.9

      > . Needless to say, he will be in the hospital for about 6 weeks.


      > Does anyone have any ideas on gifts??? For mom and for baby??? I

      > want to give the perfect gift!


      > Thank you!

      > Veronica


      > —

      > Veronica Craig



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