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      My baby was also 8 weeks early and was in the NICU for about 6 weeks (he’ll be 4 months old at the end of this month and is doing great!) The whole process was really draining for me. Anything that took the pressures of everyday life off my shoulders was a huge relief. Even though I didn’t necessarily spend hours and hours at the hospital it seemed like it consumed my day. Betweengoing back and forth to the hospital and pumping it seemed like I could get nothing accomplished at home. So any kind of help there would probably be very much appreciated, whether it’s a meal or a little housekeeping or running errands or such. For mom how about a lunch date or a massage or a manicure. Mom might also need some transition clothes. Wearing maternity clothes can be a bit depressing in this situation and something new and prettycan’t hurt. Baby is probably in an
      isolette right now and doesn’t need anything, but he’ll be out of that soon enoughand it would be nice to put him in his own clothes. T-shirts and onesies as well as receivingand larger blankets we’re about all we used in the hospital but it helped a lot to see him surrounded by colorful baby stuff. Finding premmie sizes caninvolve a search but it was worth it to me to not have him swamped by huge clothes. Take care and good luck to your friend and her baby. Lori.

      Veronica Craig wrote: Hello~

      I have a friend who had her baby about 8 weeks early. He is only 4.9
      . Needless to say, he will be in the hospital for about 6 weeks.

      Does anyone have any ideas on gifts??? For mom and for baby??? I
      want to give the perfect gift!

      Thank you!

      Veronica Craig


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