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      Last night, we noticed a growth on Lucky’s leg. It just seemed to have literally “popped up”. I was thinking that it was maybe just a cyst or some type of other minor injury.

      No such luck. Took Lucky to the vet today.

      I don’t remember the full details, the vet is printing off some info for me, but she has a type of cancer. It’s fast spreading and aggressive which is why we didn’t notice it at first and it just popped up. We’re scheduling surgery on Monday to have the mass removed and sent to pathology.

      She’s still at the vet getting xrays and bloodwork.

      I’m not a very religious person but I can’t loose this dog. I know she’s going to die sooner or later but I would rather have later than sooner. Lucky is like my daughter and definately my best friend.

      My own spiritual beliefs is that death is a time for celebration since that creature “passed” her lifetime tests and can continue on to something bigger. I’m just not ready for her to “pass” and continue. I’m asking for everyone who reads this to say a little prayer or keep her in your thoughts.

      Just something to give her an “extra push”. I know some people would be like…”well, she’s just a dog. Put her to sleep instead of spending that much money on her?”

      Well, she’s NOT just a dog. Not to me. Thanks.

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      Hi.. ill be thinking of you and your family. Your post was so touching i couldnt finish reading it.

      I dont want to get too emotional here at work! I deeply know how important pets are to us and I lost my 17 year old beagle this summer that I had had since kindergarden (you can do the math to find my age lol!) and it is still heartbreaking. And hurts to think about.

      And i really really do wish you the best with your pet!! Did you see the msn article today about cloning pets? that broke my heart some more because of all the possibilities it opens up, possibilities my heart would love but my mind doesnt.

      Good luck with everyone, and i will definitely be thinking of you and Lucky.

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      I said a prayer for you and your dog. My heart aches after reading your beautiful post. I hope your dog will be better very, very soon.
      Blessings to you both. You’re dog is very lucky to have you and you to have your dog.
      Lots of hugs~

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      I will definitely pray for Lucky. – And no, its not stupid. Pets are like part of the family.

      And God knows how much you love Lucky & I don’t think He considers that a stupid prayer. 🙂 I will pray that God will spare Lucky, but if he chooses not to, I will also pray for you to be able to deal with that. Please let us know when you have more info about little Lucky.

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      AWE… Lots and lots of prayers for Lucky… and you.


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      Saying a prayer for you and for Lucky. Pets become such a big part of our life and for some are like family members. It’s not “just a dog” it’s someone who shares your life and is always there for you no matter what.

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      My families thoughts and prayers are with you and Lucky.

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      Got the info from the vet and did some more research. She has a mast cell tumor. Best treatment option is surgery to remove the tumor which is scheduled for Monday as stated earlier.

      There’s still a bad side to the surgery. The ideal way to remove the tumor is not only removing the tumor but removing 2-3 cm of surronding tissue all the way around the tumor and beneath the tumor. We can’t do that in Lucky’s case.

      It’s on her leg where there’s very little excess tissue. What we’re hoping for right now is that the pathology report comes back saying that the tumor had “clean edges”. If it comes back saying that it was “clean”, no more treatment should be necessary.

      If it comes back with “dirty” edges, then the cells have spread and more treatment, chemo or radiation, is going to be needed. Her xrays came back clean except for 1 thing…the liver might be affected as well. Right now, we want to focus on the immediate problem of the tumor.

      Once we find out about the tumor including what stage she’s in, we’ll deal with getting more treatment if needed. Don’t know for sure if Lucky will be coming home Monday, it all depends on what time she has surgery. I already told the vet that if I can’t bring her home, expect me to visit her later that day.

      She’s going to be so scared. It was heartbreaking when I took her to the vet and she was shaking and wouldn’t budge. I had to pick her up to take her back to the exam room and man, did she cling to me.

      I called my mom and I actually thanked her for not telling me to euthanize Lucky when I told her the news. I’m still keeping that option open unfortunately. It all depends on how the pathology report comes back.

      I’m not sure if I want to put Lucky through chemo or radiation. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Just have to focus on the more immediate problem of removing the tumor.

      Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it and I’m sure Lucky does too. I have a photo album at another website and once I update it with new pics, I’ll share the link so you all can see how sweet and adorable my little Lucky is.

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      Lucky’s photo album

      Care2 – Photos – Lucky

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      What a beautiful dog. You are both in our prayers. God cares about how you feel about your pets.

      He asks about which one person whose donkey falls in a pit would not rescure it because its the sabbath. Whatever is important to you is important to him. Let us know after Monday…….(hugs).

      Try not to worry……I’m sure that will not be easy. I’m amazed at the love and care on this site.

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      My prayers are with you, your family, and Lucky

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      You and Lucky have my prayers.

      I know of a couple who went through the same problem (cancer) with their bugle. They chose to treat instead of putting him down. They were able to share and extra 2 years because of that choice.

      Good luck and best wishes for Monday.


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      I’ll be praying for you and your family. I know its hard. I lost a dog once that was like a child to me.

      It’s heartbreaking.

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      I’ll pray for Lucky. Pets are part of the family, I know I’ve had a billion pets, but it hurts to see them suffer from something like that.

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      Rest assured my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am all too aware how important a much loved pet can be to you. I have one also.

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      Lucky is very beautiful and very “lucky” to have you for her mommy. You and Lucky are in our prayers. Please keep us updated on her condition.

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      Lucky sure is a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing your photos. You and Lucky are in my prayers. Like Ms Gee said, whatever is important to you is important to him. He knows and sees all. Keep us posted on how Lucky is doing.

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      Your a woman mother and lucky is beautiful…I will pray for you both daily!! Keep us posted please 🙂

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      I will pray for your precious pet and you too. I know how you must be feeling. I have a precious little dog that I love very much and don’t know what I would do without him. God bless you.

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      Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Lucky had surgery yesterday. They removed the tumor and scraped as much tissue around the tumor as possible. The incision is a lot longer than I expected, it’s about 2 inches long. They shaved her quite a bit more than I expected as well.

      She’s doing good. They sent her home with enough pain pills for 5 days and she goes back on the 11th to have her stitches removed and discuss what happens next as far as treatment. We’re waiting for the pathology report to come back but we still have to deal with the abnormal blood test results. I feel sorry for her a bit but trying to keep in mind that what I’m doing is not a punishment but for her own good. She’s not allowed to jump so she gets yelled at when she tries to get up on the furniture. We’re not allowing her to go up and down the stairs so there’s a baby gate preventing her from going upstairs. She’s supposed to wear an e-collar but we’re breaking that rule a bit. As long as licking the incision site doesn’t become a problem she doesn’t have to wear it until we go to bed. At night, we put the e-collar on her and she’s isolated to the kitchen/dining room area. We’re not really taking her outside cause we still have a problem with snow so she has to use puppy pads and she’s not too happy about it.

      The cost so far has been around $1,000 and we’ve put it on care credit. The good thing is that we have our income tax return coming on the 10th so instead of putting it towards debt, we’re putting it towards care credit. Of course care credit is debt but I wish I could put it towards cc’s that have interest accumulating. If you’re not familiar with care credit, it’s like a cc that you can use at certain places for vet care, dental, prescriptions, etc. It’s interest free for a certain period (3, 6, 9, or 12 mos) but the interest still accumulates and if you don’t have the balance paid in full by the “free” period, the interest is applied to the principal. It was kind of annoying yesterday cause I asked for the 6 month deferred interest and the receptionist said that she couldn’t do it on the amount. I don’t understand that cause last week, my vet bill was $378 and I was allowed the 6 mo deferred interest. Last night was $571 so you would think I would be allowed the 6 mos but she said only 3 mos. Oh well, it’s getting paid around the 10th but I’m still going to check with care credit. I have a dental bill that I got 1 yr deferred interest and that was $300. Don’t understand the reasoning but it’s getting paid.

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      Oh yeah, also wanted to mention that I’m not complaining about how much it all cost. She’s definately worth it. I’m just complaining about how the vet handled the care credit situation. I just didn’t want any misunderstandings that I’m complaing about caring for her and spending the money on her.

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      She looks like she has such a vibrant personality! You both are in my prayers! I hope the results come back “clean.”

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      Another update….

      Bad news again. We took Lucky to the vet on Friday because she started “scooting”, her glands needed to be “popped”. While I was on the phone with the vet, she started vomitting. Because of the vomitting, I made an appt with the vet instead of a vet tech. We think it was the pain meds that made her vomit so the vet gave her iv fluids and a med to make her stop vomitting. Lucky’s been eating rice, boiled chicken, and plain yogurt since then. Tonight, she goes back to eating her regular food with an appetizer of plain yogurt.

      We also got her pathology report. The tumor was grade 2 (out of 4) but we won’t know what stage she’s in until we get an ulltrasound. The removal of the tumor was incomplete (“dirty” edges) so there’s a strong possibility that it has spread beyond her leg. Since her liver enzymes and choloesterol are elevated, it’s more than likely spread to her liver. Lucky will more than likely require radiation or chemo. If that’s the case, we’re thinking we’re going to let her live the rest of her life out or put her to sleep. Radiation can easily cost upwards of $4000. The chemo would be slightly cheaper. It just all depends on what type of treatment she would need and the prognosis. With the radiation, she has a better prognosis and less of a chance of reoccurance. With chemo, it would just prolong the inevitable of her death.

      I’ve FINALLY started letting out my feelings about the whole situation. I’m angry and very resentful towards the Divine. With everything else I’ve been through with not being able to have children, the Divine is taking away one of the few things that I consider my child. It’s kind of hard to get past but I just try to keep remembering my beliefs on death. It’s not the Divine’s fault, Lucky has passed her life tests and it’s time for her to move on. I’ll meet Lucky again in some shape, way, or form. I cried for a good 20 minutes Friday evening as I was doing some research. I found a place in Cheyenne that will cremate her or bury her. It’s kind of weird that I’m thinking about her abandonment issues even when she dies. She’s always been afraid that we’d abandon her, she’d get scared when we would take her to the groomer or vet and have to leave her there. We’ve decided that when she dies, we’re getting her cremated and placed in a urn. Since there’s still a chance that we would move due to the military, we don’t want to bury her in Cheyenne. We don’t want to “abandon” her even in death.

      She’s doing really good despite everything. You wouldn’t even notice that there was something wrong with her. The vet lifted the restriction of not jumping on the furniture or going up the stairs. We still have to keep her activity level down because she still has the stitches. She’s a fighter for sure. She always has been. She’s like her momma….stubborn and won’t back down for any reason. 🙂

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      I have 2 of my dogs in the pantry (upper shelves) .. they actually come in a plastic sealed box. We are pretty sure this is NOT going to be our final home so we are keeping the ‘puppies’ with us til then. Out vet had the cremation done – you might want to call around and see who is actually doing it, it can cut down on time and cost sometimes

      My gf’s dog recently died and was given back with a nice bag and copy of the rainbow bridge. When her other dog died I had given her a copy and she said it helped so much. She, like you has no kids and these are her babies. I have a feeling she will get them buried with her.


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