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      I wish you luck!

      — In, “Monique Burkes”



      > Hi, everyone. You’ve probably heard that I was *planning* on

      moving to

      > Columbus, OH this fall. I was interviewing with a company, made

      it to the

      > 3rd interview, but did not get the job. So, instead of Columbus,

      I was/am

      > going to move to Columbia, SC, where my mom lives.


      > While I was waiting on a response from the company, I applied for


      > job, but, this time, in Cleveland. Well, I received a phone call

      about it

      > and had the first interview. The recruiter stated that I had all

      of the

      > qualifications for the job. The hiring manger, actually, during

      the 3rd

      > interview (in person), asked me to seriously consider the job in


      > because she thought it fit me very well, AND, because she’d likely

      fill the

      > available Columbus positions with current employees.


      > And, the job needs to be filled immediately, so that the person

      can get

      > trained and get going. It was supposed to have been filled in



      > So, although I have been making plans to move to SC at the

      beginning of

      > November, this job here in Cleveland would take my career to an

      entirely new

      > level. For one, my insurance costs would decrease by $500/month,

      my other

      > benefits would increase dramatically, and my income would go up by


      > AND, instead of working 2 jobs, I would be able to work just one.

      I’d be

      > able to afford rent, since I just lost my house.


      > So, I’m asking for your prayers. I don’t know what God has in

      store for

      > us.


      > Monique

      > Euclid, OH


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