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      good luck…you know what they say “when one door closes another one opens”

      Carol from Pueblo

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      From: “Monique Burkes”

      Hi, everyone. You’ve probably heard that I was *planning* on moving to Columbus, OH this fall. I was interviewing with a company, made it to the 3rd interview, but did not get the job. So, instead of Columbus, I was/am going to move to Columbia, SC, where my mom lives.

      While I was waiting on a response from the company, I applied for another job, but, this time, in Cleveland. Well, I received a phone call about it and had the first interview. The recruiter stated that I had all of the qualifications for the job. The hiring manger, actually, during the 3rd interview (in person), asked me to seriously consider the job in Cleveland, because she thought it fit me very well, AND, because she’d likely fill the available Columbus positions with current employees.

      And, the job needs to be filled immediately, so that the person can get trained and get going. It was supposed to have been filled in August.

      So, although I have been making plans to move to SC at the beginning of November, this job here in Cleveland would take my career to an entirely new level. For one, my insurance costs would decrease by $500/month, my other benefits would increase dramatically, and my income would go up by 75%. AND, instead of working 2 jobs, I would be able to work just one. I’d be able to afford rent, since I just lost my house.

      So, I’m asking for your prayers. I don’t know what God has in store for us.

      Euclid, OH

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