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      Cream Togehter:
      2 sticks butter
      1/2 cup crisco
      3 cups sugar

      5 eggs (one at a time)
      2 tsp vanilla
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 cup milk
      3 1/3 cups cake flour

      1/8 cup milk & 1/2 tsp baking powder. Add to cake mixture last. Bake 1 hr and 10 minutes at 350, checking after one hour.

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      This really sounds delish!! Have you tried this with any fresh fruit?? YUM!!


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      No, but that sounds really yummy! (And then I won’t have to feel so guilty about the cake because I’ll be “balancing” it with fruit. 😉

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      What kind of pan do you bake this in? DH has me searching for pound cake recipes and I would like to try this one, but you didn’t specify a pan.

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      didn’t pound cake get it’s name from how it was made? like a pound of everything?

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