Poultry Seasoning

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      Poultry Seasoning
      3/4 tsp sage
      1/4 tsp thyme
      1/4 tsp pepper
      dash marjoram
      dash cloves, optional
      Combine all ingredients. If you make extra, store in an airtight container.
      Use for poultry stuffing or dressing, as a rub for chicken, or as seasoning for other dishes.

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      And another handy dandy recipe…I’m putting this in my mix AND substitutions file.

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      Giggle…let me know how you use it and if you like it…
      Feedback helps me tweak my recipes when necessary. When I don’t get any complaints, I mark the recipes ‘good as is’ and that’s what goes in the book;-D
      And just so ya know, criticism doesn’t bother me…if it doesn’t work for everyone, I need to know so that I can tweak it. I want all of my recipes to work for everyone. Well, I’m not concerned about ‘picky’ people, but I do want the general public to be able to use and enjoy what I’ve come up with…hope that made sense and didn’t offend…

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      I can’t answer for anyone except myself, but I understand what you’re saying, and so far, I’ve not encountered anything to criticize in the recipes I’ve seen so far. The ones I had a question about, you responded and answered it. 🙂

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