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      Hi all,

      Very quick one here. I have four sons. With the first one, it was
      at a time when mothers were being pressed to have their babies
      potty trained by two years of age. Sometimes that’s just not
      possible. I stressed; he stressed, and it was a losing battle. A
      male child, I’m convinced, will train when he’s good and ready
      and not a moment before.

      This whole thing reminds me of when that same son was 5 months
      old and my sister-in-law told me he was never going to learn how
      to walk if I didn’t teach him how to crawl. I had visions of his
      entering middle school on a gurney! lol He just never crawled.
      When all of his baby teeth came in (20 months), he stood up
      and walked.

      My second son has a 153 IQ. I tried to potty train him. Showed
      him. He sat on the potty and did nothing. As for the full size
      version, get on your knees and have a look at how enormous
      that large white fixture must look to a little one! Amazing, how
      one’s perspectives will change!

      Anyway, after several attempts to train son #2, I asked, “When
      are you going to go potty?” “When I’m 4,” came the reply. We
      still tried, to no avail, but (his birthday is six days after mine) at
      midnight at the close of my birthday as we approached his fourth
      birthday, we asked, “When are you going to go potty?” “When
      I’m 4,” he said. His father said, “That’s in five days. You’re
      going to go from now on.” That was the end of it. He never had
      an accident. He was fine.

      Number 3 son was my quickest with everything. Two weeks of
      accidents (and I *think* he *might* have been 3), and that was
      that. He was trained.

      Number 4 son…age 4 rolled around, and that was that too.

      My point is I think we tend to obsess over this stuff. We aren’t
      training them; we’re training ourselves! You work a bit with them
      without stressing, and let them get ready in their own time. It will
      work out that they’ll be ready when they need to–sometimes with
      a little help from their friends who are already potty trained–and
      they aren’t going to be heading to school with diapers–or on a
      gurney. 😉


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Potty Training ??’s