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      I have heard that boys potty train a little later than girls. We started my
      dd on the potty at about 15 months, with absolutely no pressure. Soon after
      her 2nd bday we started putting the pressure and she was potty trained
      within a few weeks, still wearing a diaper at naps and bedtime. Now she’ll
      be 3 in April and never needs a diaper at naps but pees 70% of the time in
      her diaper at night. Im not worried though because I do believe their
      bladders are not as developed and she will wear a diaper to bed for the next
      few months, no biggie.

      I strongly do NOT recommend “pull ups”. If you want to train your son, then
      use regular boys underwear, he’ll make some (well lots) of accidents but
      pull ups are just like diapers and they wont learn to use the potty because
      they know the pull ups will soak up the wetness, I think pull ups are a way
      for the diaper companies to keep you spending money with them longer.

      But I think boys are several months behind girls. Its also good to have him
      watch another man pee as often as possible. GOOD LUCK!!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Potty Training ??’s