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      [Moderator reply: The posts have been coming in with such rapid fire today, I
      know more than one moderator is working this list today. Very simply, the list
      was requested to wind down the bankruptcy thread because feelings were being
      hurt. The list was asked to be sensitive to others’ feelings in an additional
      post from one of the moderators. Effective immediately, there will be no
      further approval of bankruptcy-related material at least till the sensitivities
      of all involved cool down. Material on the subject after these feelings are
      calm again will be distributed on a post by post basis. We are about to see a
      third digest go through today. With that in mind, if there’s chit chat, kindly
      do so privately to avoid some of this. We want this to be an active list, but
      please remember, there are nearly 1000 members aboard. And finally, another
      reminder, (I feel like a broken record/CD/DVD! lol) *please* shorten the quotes
      to which you’re replying *strictly* to the material you need, and drop off all
      the excess below that. Thank you. *back to regularly scheduled programming
      now. 😉 ]

      Liss and moderators,
      Could we have some clarification about the purpose of the list? It’s
      getting pretty stressful here. I’m new to the concept of “groups”, budget
      -oriented or otherwise, and am not sure what the ground rules are.
      Maybe we just need to be careful to not offer advice unless specifically
      requested–sometimes people are just introducing themselves and none of
      us will agree with each other all of the time.

      On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:05:07 -0700 (PDT) Krys Maynard
      <krysmaynard@yahoo.com> writes:
      > I happen to agree with Theresa about not going the way of bankruptcy.
      > I also happen to agree that is the easy way out, but that doesn’t
      > mean I think badly about anyone who takes that route. They have
      > their own battles to fight. Now that is my opinion. I am just
      > stating this because I think it has gone far enough into what I see
      > as a slam fest and all out fight. Please stop. Afterall we are here
      > to help each other not hurt each other. ;)Can we just leave it at
      > different people(over a thousand on this) have different oponions
      > and leave it at that?? Can the subject be closed now?? Krystal in
      > MNmother and wife Subject: Re: Long Term Goals(Long) enough

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List [post from Alice and moderator reply]