Popcorn Cranberry garland

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      This is a basic garland but it always looks very pretty!
      You can put it on a Christmas tree like on the photo
      or anywhere else! After the holidays, simply put it
      on bushes outside for birds & squirrels.

      1 day old fat free popcorn
      Fresh cranberries
      Waxed dental floss
      1 medium needle
      Simply string cranberries
      & popcorn on the waxed dental floss,
      1 & 1 or 2 in a row etc.


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      Fantastic treat for the birds and squirrels, thanks for sharing! Also, a tip for getting even better deals on cranberries, even thought they are really cheap per bag (usually $1) this time of year, you can also look for bags that have been set aside because a few got mushy. I just bought 4 bags for $1 because they were marked down at Food Lion. Ask the produce manager if they have any markdowns, particularly if you’re doing this for the wildlife.

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