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      I’m going to try to ask this question w/o confusion. I do apologize if it is confusing.

      i’ve been trying to find on youtube and internet and so forth ..

      how to make your own popcorn. i don’t mean kernels verses microwave popcorn .. i mean ..

      how to make the kernels .. does that make sense?

      any suggestions?

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      Buy Popcorn Seeds.

      Plant when you would normally plant sweet corn, just don’t plant popcorn and sweet corn near each other in the garden so that they don’t cross pollinate. Cross pollination will cause your popcorn to pop poorly and will make your sweet corn hard and tough to eat. Yellow popcorn is traditional “movie popcorn”, popping up large and chewy.

      White popcorn tends to be smaller and crunchier.

      Plant seeds according to directions on their package. This usually will be in rows or hills two to three feet apart. Three or four rows, four or five feet long should produce enough popcorn to last a season.

      The plants should be set 12 to 15 inches apart in the rows, or three plants per hill. Fertilize 12-12-12 fertilizer

      In a hot climate, a mulch of grass clippings will reduce the amount of water needed by the popcorn plants.

      Harvesting Your Popcorn: About early October, your popcorn should be ready to harvest. The stalks will be mostly brown, the husks will be dry and the kernels hard. Try popping a few kernels on the stove in a pan of hot oil at this stage; if most of them pop, that’s your sign to remove the ears from the stalks. Husk the ears, place them in a mesh bag or old nylon stocking to cure for two to three weeks in a warm, dry, well ventilated area.

      Again, pop a few kernels; if they pop, strip the kernels from the cobs and store the kernels in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

      Is It Popcorn Yet? 13% moisture level is ideal. Popcorn that is chewy after popping is still too wet; let the kernels dry some more, popping a few every couple of days until the popcorn is no longer chewy.

      If you get too many unpopped kernels, add moisture to the storage container. Pour one tablespoon of water over a quart of popcorn, shake it up a couple of times on Day 1. By Day 3, try popping another batch.

      Repeat this procedure until most of the kernels are popping.

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      Thank you that was incredible

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