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      we put kernals in a paper bag and cook in the microwave just like microwave popcorn…then we put butter on afterwards….it is much cheaper then buying individual packs of overly buttered microwave popcorn…

      We also use kernals in ziplock baggies stored in the freezer for sore muscles…bumps and bruises etc.

      Hope this helps….

      I know when I was a kid we cooked popcorn in a sauce panwith lid….and just kept moving it like the jiffy pop….not as exciting cuz you couldnt see it though! LOL


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      Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 15:21:13 -0600
      Subject: Budget101.com : Popcorn

      Has anyone tried to pop popcorn without a popper and if so how does it work?

      I was given a large quantity of popcorn kernels. I know popcorn was a cheap, healthy snack during the Great Depression of the 1930’s and they did not have poppers back then. So there has to be a way.

      Remember Jiffy Pop from the 1960’s? That was just a aluminum plate with a handle and foil around it. The popcorn was popped on the stove. I guess I could put a small amount of shortening in an aluminum pie pan and make my own. Does anyone else have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance

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