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      I have this:


      (I sent an email from the site to you, Terri, and to the group, but
      I don’t know if it will go through; it should have more info).

      It has been great, I have no popups now. I do have to deactivate it
      to access my Yahoo mail address book and some popups on websites
      that are valid windows–like when you are looking at Lands End
      catalog and want to see a fabric swatch. The popup software
      will “kill” that window, but if you deactivate it first, you can see
      the popup.

      It’s been easy to use and it’s free. I can’t remember if someone
      gave me the site or if I found it with a search–it might have been
      via an MSN article. I know I read some articles about annoying
      popups there that were helpful.

      There were these popups that were like Instant Messages and I had to
      change a setting on my computer to deactivate those; sorry but I
      can’t remember how I did it. Maybe someone else can help with those.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “terricookmemphis”
      > Can anyone suggest free shareware to prevent pop up windows? I
      > like one that someone has used before and that hasn’t interfered
      > email. The windows are driving me nuts!

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