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      how large is your pool? Mine is 25,000 gallons and if I could spend 600 a year on chemicals I would be on cloud nine! Also the weather here is over 100 most days.

      What is your weather like? Is that a factor?

      Thanx tressa

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      On the frugal pools…

      I did an article awhile back on getting apool free or cheap:


      On maintaining it, I’ve played the chemical game, I’ve done the chlorine thing- which is nasty, smells bad, ruins clothes, horrible on the skin, green hair, etc.

      I’ve done the baquacil thing- which doesnt smell, doesnt ruin clothes, works great and costs a Freaking Fortune to use.

      and finally, I bit the bullet, spent $200 bucks (less than 1/3 of the cost of chemicals to maintain the pool for an entire year) and installed a saltwater system.

      It’s actually a misnomer, because it implies that the water is salty, but it isnt.

      My pool is crystal clear, all i have to do is rinse out my filter 1x a week and vaccum 1x every 2 weeks (because my kids tend to track sand into the pool by not rinsing off the pool toys.)

      It doesnt ruin your hair, clothes, skin, doesnt hurt if the kids accidently drink a little and it works like a charm.

      The best part is, you dont add any more chemicals due to evaporation etc. you just add water to the pool.

      No need for stupid test strips/kits. Our pool is on a $12 walmart timer, it goes off for a couple hours during the night and is ready all day whenever we want to use it.

      Nearly maintenance free.

      I highly recommend it, nothing is cheaper.


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