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      At 07:49 PM 7/17/2008, you wrote:

      >We learned fast to never buy pool chemicals anywhere but walmart,

      >*and* that you can substitute baking soda for “ph-add,” they are

      >both identical, 100% sodium bicarbonate.


      You can do even better than baking soda. You can go to a farm and

      feed store and buy sodium bicarbonate in a bag. I use it for

      cleaning and in the laundry. I had saved 2 of the kitty litter

      buckets with lids and the bag filled one of the buckets and almost

      filled the second. This is not food grade, but is perfect for

      cleaning. I’ve been using this bag for over a year, and I can see it

      lasting me at least through this year. I believe it was a 20 pound

      bag, and was under $16.

      Ann in Arkansas

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