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      We have an above ground pool, it’s only a 21 foot round, but you can’t use
      regular clorox in it, it isn’t strong enough. You have to buy shock at a
      pool store or Wal-Mart has it. If the pool is really bad, then use 2 packs
      to start.

      Then you have to vacuum the pool. Don’t let anyone swim in it
      for 24 hours after using shock, it’ll bleach them and their suits. Be
      careful of what you wear when you put it in the pool, if it splashes, it
      will bleach whatever you aree wearing, I found that if I dissolve it alittle
      bit in a bucket and then pour it in the pool, I don’t have so muchending up
      on the bottle of the pool to be vacuumed up.

      You can buy a product at
      Wal-Mart that keeps algea from growing over the summer, you pour some in
      once a week. Plus you have to check your cholrine levels and PH levels once
      a week to make sure they are ok. A pool is hard work …I know, it’s my

      Julie S

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