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      Re: poison oak outbreak


      I am a nurse. I can tell you that oral or injectable steroids are usually saved
      for extreme cases of poison oak/ ivy, generally where you have somehow gotten
      the oil into the bloodstream. dh did this once when we were cutting down
      locusts trees (lots of thorns) and scratched up his legs and got poison oak into
      the bloodstream.

      this leads to extremely widespread, weepy wounds — my dh had
      it from the hips down. he ended up having to get steroid injections and a
      tetanus shot because his wounds were so bad he could not wear pants — the
      material would cling to the wounds and stick or get saturated.

      having said that, that was for a very extreme case. cortizone cream is
      available over the counter and works well for poison oak or poison ivy. it
      helps stop the body’s inflammatory reaction (hives, etc).

      if you prefer not to
      use them, stick to the usual — oatmeal baths, etc. you can also give them a
      bit of benadryl (orally or the lotion). the oral may make them sleepy, but it
      eases some of the itching.

      angie in nc

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