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      I am highly allergic to Poison Ivy/Oak and Sumac.
      I have some recommendations on how to build up your immunity to these plants.
      A friend tipped me off that goats have a natural immunity to these plants and they love to eat them as much as I love caramel korn. By drinking goat’s milk from goats that are eating the plants you get their immunity to these plants. The critical part is the goats have to be eating the plants.

      If they are just eating feed, it’s no help to you.
      Now, I thought this was a load of bunk but I started drinking smoothies made with goats milk from a couple that had six goats in a heavily wood area here in southern Indiana. Goat’s milk is “gamey” and you need to do something to make it palatable. So my smoothies were sweetened up to the max and even then I had to drink them as quickly as I could.

      I consumed about 1-2 quarts every 2 weeks.

      The goats milk was absolutely fresh and direct from the source with no processing.
      i did this for the 3 years and did not get any poison ivy attacks at all.
      Last year I stopped drinking the goats’ milk and I survived the deep part of my yard.
      This spring I have had to make a trip to the doctors’ office to get a steroid shot to help stop the horrible case of poison ivy I got all over my left arm and legs.
      I have found that taking Benadryl every 6 hours will help knock down the rash-which spreads like a wild fire.

      It’s the oozing that spreads the rash-so be careful what you touch or what gets touched! Anything that gets the “ooze” on it will pass it on –so pillows, sheets, towels-will spread it to other parts of your body.
      Rubbing alcohol liberally applied will help dry the rash out and stop the ooze.
      Honey, Where is the number for the goat herder?

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      I don’t know where you got your information regarding the spreading of the rash through the oozing blisters but you are wrong.
      The rash occurs from exposure to Urushiol, the oil found in poison ivy, oak and sumac plants. When Urushiol comes in contact with your skin it bonds with your own body oil to create a foreign substance that your body’s immune system attacts. The body’s response to any foreign substance is to slough it off.

      In the case of contact dermatitis, it creates blisters. Urushiol can become saturated in your clothing, on your shoes and shoe laces, on your gardening equipment, gloves, on your dog’s or cat’s fur where it remains active until it is washed off. The rash spreads from repeated exposure to the plant or the contaminated object(s), not through the serum secreted by the blisters.

      You cannot get poison ivy from exposure to another person’s serum unless the area has active Urushiol still on the surface because you cannot catch someone else’s allergy. The intensity of the rash is determined by the saturation of the skin (how many times that area was exposed).
      The best “cure” for poison ivy is to treat the exposed skin to remove the oil before it bonds with the oil in your skin. Many years ago, the forestry service developed a cleanser for their firefighters to remove the Urushiol from their skin.

      It is called TECHNU Poison Oak and Ivy Cleanser. Simply pour the cleanser onto a dry washcloth and wash off the exposed area(s) thoroughly. Repeat if you are highly allergic, using a fresh washcloth.

      Do not use water until the area is cleaned. If used properly within 8 hours of exposure, you will not get the rash. The best price I have found is on a farm implement site called

      I buy 2 quarts at a time to see me through morel season and get my husband through hunting seasons. I live in 10 1/2 acres of woods, highly infested with poison ivy and have used this product over 30 years. I wash my dogs with it (I have 4) whenever they run off into the woods after a rabbit or whatever.

      I thoroughly clean my equipment after exposure, wash my shoes, and put my exposed clothing into the washer. I then clean myself with a fresh washcloth and toss the TECHNU saturated washcloths I used for clean up into the washer, then run them through 1 cycle on hot and another full cycle on cold. I have not had more than 1 or 2 small blisters (where I may have not cleansed well enough) after repeatedly walking through waist high poison ivy for more than 30 years!

      And using TECHNU on those little blisters relieves the itching, removes any remaining Urushiol and speeds up the healing.
      By the way, I had goats for awhile but they only ate my landscaping plants and left the poison ivy unscathed. Hope this helps.

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