Plastic Egg Bunnies

Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Plastic Egg Bunnies

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      Plastic Egg Bunnies

      1 large plastic egg
      white felt or fun foam
      pink felt or fun foam
      light weight cardboard
      2 – 10 mm glue on plastic wiggle eyes
      flower stamens or paint brush bristles for whiskers
      3 – 1/2 inch white pom poms
      1 – 1/4 inch pink pom pom
      1/8 in ribbon for a bow
      white tacky glue
      hot glue

      Cut a foot shape out of the lightweight cardboard. They should be rather big with the heels together and the toes pointing out.

      They should look similar to the illustration, but with more pronounced toes.

      Cut the same shape from the white felt or fun foam. Glue the two pieces together using tacky glue.

      Cut 2 large ear shapes out of white felt or fun foam. Make sure that the bottom has a flat edge. Cut 2 smaller ear pieces out of pink felt or fun foam, again leaving the bottom flat.

      Glue the pink ears onto the white ears using tacky glue.

      Glue the bunny’s face on to the egg using hot glue. With the pointy end of the egg up glue 2 of the white pom poms just above the seam where the egg seperates.These are the bunny’s cheeks.

      Glue the whiskers onto the egg, just above the cheek pompoms.

      For the nose, glue the pink pom pom just above the white pom poms hiding the glue from the whiskers.

      Glue eyes on above the nose.

      Glue the ears on, pinching the flat edge together to give them a little shape.

      Glue the last white pom pom on the back side of the bunny for a tail.

      Attatch the feet with hot glue.

      Make a small bow with the ribbon and glue onto the bunny. The picture shows the bow under the bunny’s chin but you can also glue it to the top, between the bunny’s ears.

      These look cute setting on a table or shelf,
      or fill them with candy and add them to an Easter Basket.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Plastic Egg Bunnies