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      Anyone know where I can get some inexpensive planters to grow vegetables in? I want to try to grow some root veggies but currently I don’t have a planter deep enough.

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      Try the dollar store, use old pallets and pull every other board to make instant “rows”, milk jugs (cut the tops off), old barrels, 5 gal pails, etc.

      What do you do for a living? You can use stuff from work, from home, anything that will hold a few cups of soil can be used for a planter.

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      for stuff like potatoes and onions, I use an old rubber trash can… when the “sprouts” start to come up, I fill it with more dirt…I found that “recipe” online, and I was surprised by the amount of potatoes I had at the season’s end —

      Grow Potatoes in a Trash Can | Backyard Gardening Blog

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      I work for an insurance company in the call center. My income is the only one coming in. We are trying to cut back on expenses and the more food we can grow (we live in an apartment, so we are limited on space) the more we have for other things.

      Wow. That’s cool. Thanks for the link.

      My family loves potatoes. Ooh, onions. Never thought to start growing those.

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