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      So I’m looking through catalogs and pinterest and finding all the lovely ideas I want to do in my garden this year. Then the practical comes into my head again. I need to plan out a simple basic vegetable garden so I can freeze, dry, can, and enjoy a summers bounty.

      I have old seeds from years gone by that I’m going to give a try. I’m mapping out what I want to grow and what it needs. I’m going to use containers and line the edges of my patio with vegetables!!

      What re your plans??

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      I have a good sized garden plot, and I know approximately what I will plant, just the same things I have planted last year. I just need to decide where in plot each will go, then decide if I will start plants from seed or buy plants this year. Then i need to get old manure from my neighbor’s mule pen and haul it to my yard in April, till it in, then start planting.

      Oh yes, and burn the old plants on a calm day and till the ash in too.

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      I plan to plant only things that work well for freezing or canning. Maybe one hill of watermelon and cucumbers, but we generally don’t eat a lot of pickles so I don’t do a lot of them. Last year we couldn’t eat them all.

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      I love pickles!! I’m planning a good bit of cucumbers, squash for canning and freezing. Peppers for freezing and drying.

      I need a nice day to get out and work on my containers and ares to get ready. I have been doing container gardening but I’m going to some raised beds and in the ground stuff this year.

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      I have already started my garden. It starts every fall with clearing the old veggies, saving seeds from the non-GMO veggies, and adding rabbit-poop. We raise rabbits and the pellets can go on the garden year-round as they are the “safe” fertilizer that will not burn out your plants in the spring.

      We cover the garden with leaves from the yard and hay from the hen house. In the spring, we will till it all in and I will plant the early veggies (potatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic) rotating them from where they were last year. Then, as it warms into full spring days we will plant the rest of the garden with heavy on the tomatoes.

      (I love making my own tomato sauce and diced canned tomatoes for chili). I love canning and keeping enough for year-round eating that includes green beans, corn, peas and carrots. I freeze 25 lbs of blueberries and 30 lbs of blackberries usually.

      Mmmm….All of it is fresh and making me hungry to think about.

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      I’m collecting my vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds and such to add to my compost pile. I’ve got a large one way in the back of my lot, but I’m going to work on a homemade tumbler style one to have closer on hand. PLans are abuzz in my head for gardening this year.

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      I started a new 4×4 foot raised bed last fall, placed it so my irrigation will water it for me and half filled it with mulch and leaf mulch a friend was getting rid of. I’ve been adding kitchen scrapes and egg shells, all of which I run thru the blender for quicker composting Need to make a quick trip to Starbucks for coffee grounds and to Lowes for a bag or 2 of garden soil. mix it all up and I’m ready to go.

      Great bed for very little cost!

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      I did the same thing! Loved being able to harvest fresh herbs & vegetables. Hopefully I will find even more useful tips on this site.

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      I will be growing 29 different kinds of lettuce, planted every 2 weeks. and lots of other veggies and tomatoes for sure except we are pondering moving so I guess I’ll see if there is a garden this year or not. But with the big mess out in California I’d sure be growing what all I wanted this year.

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      We are faced with a drought, here in the Central Valley of California. Some cities have only a 60day supply of water, so we can expect restrictions on watering. My garden plans call for planning a way to use gray-water (water from tubs, showers and sinks) in a drip irrigation system.

      I have also been buying plastic drums to use as planters, so that the water does not disappear into the deep cracks that are developing in the soil – planters keep the water in the root zone longer. I’ll still be splitting my time between ky and ca, so i’ve already started composting in ky and after it thaws for the year i can begin testing the soil ph to see what we can grow. i know that the soil where we put tomatoes last year is deficient in potassium based on the appearance of the tomato foliage last year…

      we also had blossom end rot so i have to remember to mix up some epsom salts in water and apply it to the tomatoes to keep this from happening this year.

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      In drought conditions using grey water is a great idea. When I lived in Japan I was shown lots of ways to reuse water over and over. I was amazed at how they used water there but they had to haul in every drop of water they used.

      It was a great education to me. They never used fresh water to flush with. They used grey water over and over and would finally use it to flush with.

      We in this nation have never really dealt with severe water crisis until now. Many will need to learn to use grey water to water gardens and wash cars. I’ve used grey water for many years to water gardens and other outdoor projects.

      We’ve never had a water shortage but I feel its a good use of a precious resource.

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      I’m new to this site. But not new to gardening. This is my fourth year at it.

      I have a slam veg. stand in my front yard and love to share. I’m trying new things each year,like purple potatoes, zebra green striped tomatoes.

      This has been so fun to do, that I just want to expand my garden ecery where. I did get a hugh green house up last fall and will try my hand at that this year. I can tell I’m going to love this site.

      Thanks so much.

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      I haven’t had much luck with gardening, usually the little critters get to it. I’m going to try container gardening this year. Easy stuff some corn, carrots, salad mix.

      I spent a little extra to get organic seeds. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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      I’m in California also, re-using gray water is a great idea. Also when my shower wont stop dripping I put a pan in there to catch the water.

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