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      I think they turn out better handmade, too.

      At Christmas, I bought the frosted Rice Krispies, and they turned out

      great- it wasn’t a very noticable difference, but they tasted good. I

      have some red sugar sprinkles, which would look good sprinkled on top

      while the marshmallow is still gooey. At Christmas, I added some red

      and some green.

      You can also make so many different varieties- I’ll add chocolate chips

      to melt in with the marshmallow, or add it to the cereal for chocolate

      chunks in it.

      Darn, now I’m in the mood for it, and I don’t have the stuff to make

      it! 😉

      — In, Herlean wrote:


      > Well, since he is so young, he will not notice it. I may get some

      Hershey’s Kisses in Valentine wrappers and give him a couple.


      > Heart shaped pancakes or cookies, maybe a batch of Rice Krispies

      Treats for my hubby though. He loves RKT and I can’t figure out why

      anyone would spend the money to buy the ready-made ones at the stores.

      They are incredibly simple to make from scratch.


      > Herlean

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