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      My daughter is planning on getting married in about 6 months. They are both still in collage. I’m looking for ideas on low cost wedding.

      Wedding dress, flowers etc. Also they are looking into catering to keep the cost low. Any ideas on low cost hall for the reception or is catering a better choice.

      They are planing on inviting family and a few close friends, which will be about 75 people. We live near Rockford, which is 80 miles from Chicago.

      Thank you,
      Melissa from IL

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      The more you can do yourself, the more money you can save…I’ve done my entire wedding and reception…and it is very professional looking on the cheap….I have a great deal of experience doing floral arrangements and baking/cooking skills…and I’m putting them to use.
      I’m getting married in less than a week and our reception is the following month…My dress was 79.00 on line thru (new)was 5.00 on ebay.

      shoes on sale at Macy’s-10.00 after christmas sale. My Fiance owns a beautiful custom talored suit…so he’s done free! my bouquet I made, 12.00, his boutoneer was about a 1.00.
      we were able to rent a park with a indoor set up as well as a outdoor pavillion in our county for 35.00 for the day.

      I have made all the flowers for the tables (10 total), etc for less than 35.00 using dollar stores silk florals and baskets. I found a plain glass container(wishing bowl), embelished it with pearls, ribbons and flowers to match the floral arangements I did which is for guests to leave notes of advice and good wishes on paper instead of a guest book. I have the tableclothes, napkins, plates, plastic-ware bought up for a total of 40.00 going to a craft/party supply house(flower factory).

      We are doing our own food including the cake. which will be buffet style, for a goal of 250.00 for 60 people. .

      Even made the cake topper with a porcelan statue and lace,ribbons and flowers that people who have seen it say is amazing it was made at home.(less than20.00) I know it sounds like it should be cheapy looking using supplies from dollar stores but I am extremely artsy/crafty and glue gun savy…LOL and everthing is rich looking. Our music is all going to be on an ipod, and a nephew is going to dj for us.
      So it’s all in the creativity. I think it will be very unique and I’m enjoying making it my own style.

      (even more fun knowing how much we are saving!)

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Planning a wedding on college budget