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      For our recent trip, we compared and compared, over a few days time, and finally

      went with

      We compared going out of various airports. We ended up leaving mid-week (less

      expensive than on the end of the week) and from an airport in a different city

      (not the very closest to where we live – that alone saved us $350 per

      ticket!!!!! each way).

      We also secured our tickets a couple of months before we were leaving.

      NOTE: They are non-refundable, so make sure you are taking the trip.

      We came back just in time to avoid all of the new price hikes. At the airport,

      the staff kept telling us that the fees are based on when we booked and paid for

      our tickets. Which was good to learn.

      “Opportunity may knock once on your door. Temptation leans against the

      doorbell.” – Unknown

      “Never believe you don’t have what it takes.”

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      >Hey group…Do anyone know of a cheap site or a good site that give

      >good deals on flights..

      Believe it or not, I’ve had the best luck getting my stuff through

      World Wide Travel. They gave me better connections than the

      “discount” places, and could even beat the prices the airline sales

      could do.

      Ann in Arkansas

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