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      Recently I shared a link to a place for Active Members to post “referral” buttons and links to sites (Winzy, Blingo, Netwinner, etc) – there seems to be a misunderstanding as to how to post these referrals and where, because I have received an influx of emails that are definetely NOT in the right place!

      So, for the sake of clarity, lets try this once more….

      We have alot of members that have referral links for places sites like:

      > Winzy
      > Blingo
      > TreasureTroopers
      > Inbox Dollars
      > Netwinner

      etc, etc, etc. While we do not permit these on the Budget101Discussion list (due mainly to the limitations of space allowed for archiving list messages), we now have a place you can share your Referral Links.

      If you are Already an ACTIVE Member (more than 25 posts in our forums)

      To share your Referral links:

      Go To:

      Click on New Thread, enter your referral information. You can create a new thread for Each individual referral (ex. , treasuretrooper, etc)

      This is also the place to post about your latest wins/deals/etc, for example- “I just received a $25 Gift Card to Amazon from Netwinner, blah, blah, blah.” So that others can benefit from your experiences & so that you can earn a few extra bucks. 😉

      Affiliate (advertising) links are not allowed and will be removed immediately!!

      If you are not already an active member of our forums:

      you can visit:

      and register with a username and password of your choice.

      Once you have shared a minimum of 25 posts, you have become an active member of our forums and may share your Referral Links.

      Why do only allow Active Members to Post their Referrals? We feel that the Members that contribute to the content and quality of the site should have first dibs on getting something back. Turn around is fair play.

      Please do Not Reply to the registration email with your Referral Information, as this is Not the correct way to use the forums.

      I Hope this clears up any misunderstandings!



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Place to Share your Referral Links