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      we have one of those. I initially bought it more as a joke for my husband

      because he can never find the remote controls. But its great! And sometimes, we

      STILL misplace it lol. But its easy to find, at least.



      From: armstrca <>

      Date: 2007/11/27 Tue PM 03:39:25 CST


      Subject: : Re: Christmas gift idea, please!

      They have these humongous universal remotes for the TV.   Get him one of

      those.   He won’t have any problems seeing the buttons and won’t loose it

      in the couch anywhere.

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      Subject: : Christmas gift idea, please! 

      I am really struggling to come up with a gift for my father-in-law.  It seems

      every year we get him a sweater, shirt or vest….  He is one of my most

      difficult people to buy for!  Having no hobbies, he is a soccer coach and a

      man who centers his life around his family.  Any suggestions or ideas??

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