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      How about some tickets to a local semi pro soccer team? Its a great family

      outing and the prices are always really reasonable.

      You can get family packs of tickets so he can bring others along to enjoy the




      From: Rachel L <>

      Date: 2007/11/22 Thu PM 10:20:49 CST


      Subject: : Christmas gift idea, please!

      I am really struggling to come up with a gift for my father-in-law.  It seems

      every year we get him a sweater, shirt or vest….  He is one of my most

      difficult people to buy for!  Having no hobbies, he is a soccer coach and a

      man who centers his life around his family.  I thought about a “guy’s basket”

      but haven’t even got any idea what would go into it!  Any suggestions or


      Thank you so much!


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