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      Just an idea but we give out “gift baskets” each year..usually with handmade stuff we have traded at teh farmers markets etc…this year we are doing a spin on it…We are making “green baskets”

      We bought the recycleable bags you can get at the grocery store (so you dont use plastic.)we are filling them with..

      Flourescent light bulbs

      Re-usable water bottles with filters built in

      Britta filters

      Crystal deodorant

      and then homemde items.

      Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 17:15:46 +0000
      Subject: : Re: Christmas gift idea, please!

      — In, Rachel L wrote:
      > I am really struggling to come up with a gift for my father-in-
      law. It seems every year we get him a sweater, shirt or vest…. He
      is one of my most difficult people to buy for! Having no hobbies, he
      is a soccer coach and a man who centers his life around his family.
      I thought about a “guy’s basket” but haven’t even got any idea what
      would go into it! Any suggestions or ideas??
      > Thank you so much!
      > ~Rachel~
      > Be a better pen pal. Text or chat with friends inside Yahoo! Mail.
      See how.
      How about those lounge pants, or cologne, or a nice robe and pj’s.
      you said he is into soccer….why don’t you get him that picture
      frame that is out…and you can put all his soccer pics in there the
      pics change as you want them to. I know its 59.99 at Aldi’s out here
      in Illinois. But it would make a nice gift. I bought one for my mom
      so I can load it with my kids pics in there so when she opens it all
      she has to do is plug it in!
      It has a memory card in it just like a digital camera.

      I hope this helps out!

      Kelly in IL

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