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      You should be able to live just about anyplace on $45 thousand a year! My husband and daughter are disabled and I have to care for both of them meaning I cannot work outside the home. We live on less than $8 thousand a year and get no assistance from the government such as food stamps. The only thing they get are medical cards. We live cheaper in Florida than any place else because we live in a 21 foot camper trailer that we are slowly fixing up. Our campground pays all electric,water, sewer and trash pick up and we only pay $20 a month for internet. Our campground is $330 a month but we have found one cheaper at $180 a month. We will be paying $50 a month for insurance on our truck the first of the year ( up $10 due to the insurance changes) and pay $50 for our prepay phone. I learned to recyle, reuse and reduce and now the SS office tells my husband he makes too much and is reducing his check from $643 to $581 a month and there are 3 of us! I wish I had HALF
      your money so I could afford a real house! We cannot get housing because the list is so long and we are not qualified because we own the camper we live in! If there is a state cheaper to live who would actually help us I would love to know!

      jillinole wrote: We moved to TN 2.5 years ago, and it is nice. You all up north will
      laugh, but it gets too cold here for me! LOL! It has taken me
      forever to make friends, though, like nowhere I’ve ever lived. I
      don’t know why. The cost of living is low here compared to FL

      (where we lived before); the taxes and insurance for housing there
      we couln’t afford (though I would have liked to stay there). TN has
      a horrible sales tax, IMO, like almost 10%. However, there is no
      state income tax in TN. We have also lived in GA, and it was
      reasonable, too. Lower sales tax, but a state income tax. They all
      get you somehow. IMO, Atlanta metro’s job market is flooded (too
      many people, not enough jobs), but I could be wrong. I guess it
      depends on what you do and what your education is.
      I love to hear where people live and how they fare. My DH and I are
      still looking for the perfect place! Maybe we were just meant to
      My husband works for a huge computer company and makes around $45K
      per year. Honestly, I’m just happy he has a job and we have good
      health insurance. But we live on one income and often we don’t know
      how it will all work out…but it does.

      — In, “Wendy” wrote:
      > I was promised 2 years ago that Alabama would be great, jobs, low
      > COL, and the beach!!, so far the only thing that’s good is the
      > Beach!!!! I miss Montana. You have the best of it all, the rockies
      > close by, the lowlands to the east. It’s got a little bit of snow,
      > little bit of rain, and it doesn’t hit the triple digits but 5 or
      > days a year!! and NO SALES TAX!!!
      > — In, “armstrca” wrote:
      > >
      > > No mountains, but some really big hills – the San Antonio area
      > would
      > > say Austin, but traffic is he!! there). The Texas hill country
      > > gorgeous and Texas has a reasonable COL.
      > >
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      > > Subject: : Place to live
      > > Can anyone suggest a place to live that has a reasonable cost of
      > living
      > > & near mountains? We have enough equity in our home & are
      > considering a
      > > move. Any input would be great. Thanks Maria
      > >

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