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      I figured out the enormous difference in the price of yeast about 2

      1/2 years ago! I just bought a pound bag at Costco for $3.59. I

      always keep my extra in the freezer in a sealed package. I have a

      Foodsaver and seal smaller amounts in separate packages. It keeps

      forever that way! I can’t believe that supermarkets are getting $4

      or $5 for a little jar of yeast, and the tiny little packages are

      almost $2.00 for three of them! I’ve also bought bulk yeast on line

      at It’s worth it if you don’t have a Sams or Costco

      near you, but you need to buy more than just yeast to justify the

      shipping costs.


      — In, “J Diane Northcutt”



      > This makes a thin pizza crust.

      > 3/4 cup of water

      > 1 tsp lemon juice

      > 1 TBL oil

      > 1 TBL sugar

      > 1/2 tsp salt

      > 1 TBL dry milk

      > 2 1/2 Cups plain flour

      > 1 tsp yeast


      > I let the bread machine mix this for me on the dough cycle. You can

      mix by hand / mixer and let it rise for 45 minutes.

      > Once you roll it out onto the pizza pan , prebake it in the oven @

      400 degrees for 5 minutes. Then you can load it up with the

      ingredients of your choice and bake a few more minutes.


      > Just a side note, never buy the little envelopes of yeast at the

      grocery store. Years ago I figured out the the little packets cost

      over 25.00 by time I went through a whole pound of yeast. By now it

      must come to much more than that.

      > Buy yeast by the pound at Sams ,a health food store or through a co

      op. It cost 3.40 for a pound bag. That is an astonishing difference


      > Diane


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