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      I really wouldn’t depend on even the thick plastic containers. I had a set of them that I purchased but had only taken out of the carton to look at them and put them right back in until I had time to wash them. When I took them out of the carton about a week later, the stupid mice must have thought there was food in them and had chewed holes in them!!

      Metal containers with tight lids work well. I also purchased a set of silicon baking pans that I had left in the opened shipping carton, those too had holes chewed in the two largest pans. I now have a barn cat with claws that lives with us and she has been doing a great job of catching mice.

      She has been the only reliable solution without using poison that could hurt my dogs. I tried the glue traps but
      caught my small dog more than I caught mice so I stopped wasting money on them. I also tried mouse traps but after may sore fingers I didn’t like them either.

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