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      We have the same problem We turned a bed room into a “t.v” room for my elderly mom. When she can’t make it down to the kitchen, we have food in the room at her dining table. Other day I found a mouse floating in her water glass.

      That was that. I vacuum the carpet every day. I air out the room and remove the food.

      Al snacks are in air tight plastic containers and we are looking for the openings where the little bugger got in. ugh!

      — On Sat, 6/28/08, Sarah Long wrote:

      From: Sarah Long
      Subject: : Re: Storage/Mice
      Date: Saturday, June 28, 2008, 10:22 am

      What works is if you can find where they are coming in from (it can be just larger than a crack) and use steel wool like from the hardware store w/o soap on it combined with either cayane pepper or red pepper flakes. That is the best non-poison solution. They will chew through anything and I’ve even had plastic containers that have chew marks on them where they were trying to get at the stuff inside.
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