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      Get black paperplates & cups for eating/drinking- go look for those

      things the day after Halloween.

      Buy gold coin chocolates for a treat to set out around the room. Buy

      fake pearl necklaces to put in with them, for a “treasure”.

      The day after Halloween, see if you can find anything like pirate

      hats. I know both Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart are selling them this


      For food, just make up some regular things but give them pirate

      names- use green hawaiian punch to make punch (with soda) and call

      it Pirate’s Ale.

      If you have some extra money, places like Hobby Lobby & Michaels

      offer cardboard unfinished chests in varying sizes. You could get

      one, paint it up and decorate it with fake “gems”, then fill it with

      the gold coin chocolates and fake pearls.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Marguerite



      > when the 3rd pirates of the carribean movie comes

      > out this dec me and my friend want to get

      > together and watch it with our families. we were

      > thinking of doing a little pirate party theme.

      > we are both on budgets, so I was wondering if

      > anyone had any low cost ideas.

      > thanx


      > Marguerite








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